Poultry Nipples with Ball
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Poultry Nipples with Ball

Original price was: ₦20,000.Current price is: ₦15,000.

PRODUCT NAME Nipple drinker
MATERIAL Plastic/Metal
FARMING TYPE  Cage/free range 




PCS/CTN  100
L*W*H(cm)  55*52*36
Poultry Nipple drinker ball type

Original price was: ₦20,000.Current price is: ₦15,000.

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Poultry Nipples with Ball is little poultry equipment designed to give water to chicks and chickens without wastage or messing up the poultry.

They are small devices that look a bit like a spark plug. They screw into a bucket or similar water holder. When pecked at, the device releases a few drops of water to the chicken.

It is designed to cut down on wasted water that usually wet the litter or make puddles on the floor. This is a great improvement over regular drinkers which pour water all over the place when pushed about or knocked down by the birds.

Wet bedding as you know, is a lovely environment for bacteria to grow in, so anything that cuts down the potential for bacterial growth is an improvement.

What Are The Benefits of Using Poultry Nipples with Ball

There are several benefits to using nipples:

  • Reduces waste: The nipple will dispense a small amount of water each time it is pecked. There should be no dripping from the valve and no leakage from your container.
  • Keeps water clean: You can use a covered pail for a container so this will keep dust, dander and bedding out of the water. It also prevents the growth of mosquito larvae in the water.
  • Reduces potential for bacterial growth: Bacteria love warm, damp environments to grow in. The nipple does not allow water to escape so damp bedding is eliminated.
  • Easy to use: Once you have trained your chickens how to use it, it is very simple for them to use.

Common Problems

Most of the problems that occur have to do with leakage. It is very important to follow the installation instructions carefully. Make sure the hole you drill is the right size.

When handling and placing the nipple be careful not to damage the piece while inserting it.

They come with a silicone washer on the screw-in side to ensure a tight compression fit. If your hole is too big, it won’t function well at all. Also, ensure the unit sits up straight in the hole.

If the unit is leaking around the nipple itself, try taking it apart and cleaning it out. The outlet is tiny so a very small piece of dirt can cause a blockage to the ball.

You can buy chicken nipples almost anywhere but please be cautious about buying cheap, Buy from Farmsquare you are rest assured of quality.



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