Poultry Live Birds Transport Crate (Ash)
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Poultry Live Birds Transport Crate (Ash)

Original price was: ₦48,000.Current price is: ₦45,000.

This product is of high density, lightweight, durable plastic poultry transport crates. Will hold up to 8 (5-7 Lb) birds. The product possesses a sturdy access door that is used to add and remove poultry from the crate. It also features a slide-latch system to restrict the opening of the crates/escape of caged birds. An open grid design used to construct the bottom, sides, and top provide ventilation during transport.

Product Features

  • The product is a small, sturdy transportation crate
  • It is made of super-strong HDPE (Plastic)
  • The product comes with dimensions: 85 x 50 x 31 cm
  • Solid crate bottom ensures cleanliness
  • weight (empty): 5.85 kg
Poultry transfer transport crate

Original price was: ₦48,000.Current price is: ₦45,000.

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Poultry transfer transport crate makes your life easier, saving you time, stress and worry. The greatest advantage of this sturdy, hard-wearing plastic poultry crate is that it offers easy access. Owners of pets and livestock don’t just have to think about feed and water bowls, but also about transportation. It is almost unavoidable that animals, birds or poultry must be transported somewhere – such as to the vet, to a trader, to a client or to an event. In some ways, cages fail in their purpose. However, transportation crates offer various advantages. It features a high capacity handling design to ease transport, without placing a compromise on safety.

The poultry transfer crate is durable, hygienic and economical for the transport of poultry to markets, farms e.t.c. This poultry transfer chicken crates are maintenance-free and will not corrode like metal cages due to smooth, easy-to-clean surface that will resist stringent detergents, disinfectants or poultry waste.

Product Specification

  • Name:Poultry Transport Crate
  • Use: Chicken
  • Type: Layer Cage
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 10 chickens
  • Color: Black
  • Durable years: At least 7 years
  • Usage: Chicken or chicks transportation
  • Affording weight: 90kg
  • Weight: 6kg

Product uses

  • Easy to clean, long time lifespan, recoverable.
  • They provide good ventilation and good heat radiation.
  • This product will not be affected by a change in temperature.
  • The product can be used for all poultry.
  • The crates can be washed and disinfected for another transport cycle.
  • Slide-snap-lock access design door. Top access door slides and latches easily.
  • Poultry transfer transport crates allows more air to circulate, thus reducing stress-related damage to the birds.
  • This products makes the transfer of birds to farms and markets easy.

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