QROP K Fertilizer (Potassium Source Fertilizer) -1kg
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QROP K Fertilizer (Potassium Source Fertilizer) -1kg

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QROP K Fertilizer (Potassium Source Fertilizer) -1kg is a potassium source which is rapidly absorbed by the plant and which also provides nitrate nitrogen, the plants’ preferred nitrogen source. It is the most relevant source in terms of crop yield. This product can be used under all climatic conditions in any part of the world.

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  • Package: 1kg
Qrop K fertilizer

Original price was: ₦2,600.Current price is: ₦2,500.

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Product Description

Qrop K  is a nutritional solution which is produced starting from natural raw materials quarried in the Northern regions of Chile through an environmentally friendly process. It is highly concentrated in potassium. The source of this high potassium content in potassium nitrate, the preferred K-source for crop growth and development. Soil solubility and the synergy between the nitrate and chlorine-free potassium allow plants to absorb it quickly, and as a result, provide fast responses.

It is a great complement among physical mixes of fertilizers, because it balances the acidity, the percentages of nitrates and chlorine-free potassium, substantially improving the characteristics and responses to the mixes. It is one of the most used fertilizers for crops such as potato and vegetables.

How to apply Qrop K fertilizer

  • Qrop K fertilizer can be applied by broadcasting them either by hand or with a spreader over a large area. Or, side-dress the fertilizer alongside your rows or plants or seeds.
  • All dry fertilizers should be worked or watered into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil with hoe or spadework after being applied to help the fertilizer leach down toward the plants’ root zones.
  • If your plants are already growing, cultivate gently so that you do not damage any roots.

Analysis of Qrop K Fertilizer

Nitrogen nitrogen (N – NO3): 13.0%
Potassium oxide (K2O): 45.0%
Potassium (K): 37.3%
Density: 1.22 ton/m3
Angle of rest (°): 29°
Solubility (g/l at 20° C): 316

Agricultural uses of Qrop K fertilizer

  • Qrop K fertilizer can be mixed with virtually any straight fertilizers applied in agriculture.
  • It`s the potassium source with the fastest action, accompanied by nitrate nitrogen, with immediate availability for the plant.
  • The product is a source of providing both nitrogen and potassium at the same time.
  • Qrop K fertilizer also enhances plants’ defence systems, making them less vulnerable to disease.
  • More than 80% of the nitrogen consumed by plants is a nitrate, the preferred nitrogen source of plants.
  • Qrop K fertilizer contains potassium which is necessary for root development in plants, especially for young plants putting down new root systems as they settle into their new homes.

Importance of Qrop K Fertilizer

  • The product is free of chloride.
  • Qrop K helps thicken cell walls and strengthens stems, stalks and roots to make plants more resistant to disease and better able to tolerate stress.
  • Qrop K fertilizer is a densely prilled fertilizer that can easily be hand-spread or machine distributed in an efficient and regular manner.

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