Raptor Agricultural Herbicide (Selective and Post-Emergence)

Raptor Agricultural Herbicide (Selective and Post-Emergence)


Raptor herbicide from BASF Ag products is a soluble selective and post-emergence liquid herbicide for the control of weeds and grasses in soybeans and groundnut.

Products features

  • Active ingredient: Ammonium salt of Imazamox (40g/l)
  • Formulation: Soluble concentrate
  • Packaging: 1 litre bottle | 12 bottles in a carton
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Raptor Herbicide
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Raptor agricultural herbicide is a selective post-emergence herbicide which controls existing weeds and provides residual activity on some weeds.  It is highly concentrated in Imazamox formulation and provides powerful control of problem weeds.

The herbicide combines excellent crop safety with high levels of both grass and broadleaf weed control. Regardless of what you’re producing you can use this highly concentrated Group B herbicide to control problem weeds like barley grass and bromegrass.

It not only controls many existing broadleaf and grass weeds when applied post-emergence, but it also provides activity on susceptible weeds that may emerge shortly after application.

Mode of Action

When Raptor agricultural herbicide is applied post-emergence, the mode of weed-killing activity involves uptake of Raptor by foliage and/or weed roots and rapid translocation to the growing points. After the application, susceptible weeds may show yellowing, and weed growth will stop. The weeds stop growing and either die or are not competitive with the crop. The absorption of raptor herbicide will occur through both roots and foliage.

Benefits of Using Raptor Agricultural Herbicide

  • Highly effective control of both grass and broadleaf weeds.
    Raptor herbicide has excellent crop safety and compatibility.
    Concentrated formulation and low application rates.
  • Raptor herbicide is compatible with many standard insecticide products like Roundup, but should not be mixed with trace elements such as zinc.

Application of Raptor Agricultural Herbicide

  • Raptor herbicide should be applied as a post-emergence treatment when weeds are actively growing and before they exceed the maximum specified size.
  • Delay the application until the majority of weeds are at the specified growth stage.
  • Apply the herbicide when weeds are small and actively growing.
  • Raptor herbicide is effective in controlling weeds in conservation tillage and conventional tillage production systems.
  • The application must be applied after the emergence of the crop.

Rates of Application

  • Field peas: 45 g/ha + adjuvant option 1
    Legume-based pastures: 45 g/ha + adjuvant option 2: 50 g/ha + both adjuvant options 2 & 4 for additional weed suppression claims
    Peanuts and soybeans: 45 or 50 g/ha + either adjuvant options 1 & 4 or 3

Storage and Disposal

  • Do not contaminate water, food, or feed-through storage or disposal of Raptor herbicide.
  • Keep from freezing.
  • Do not store the herbicide below 32° F.
  • Wastes resulting from the use of Raptor herbicide must be disposed of on-site or at an approved waste disposal facility.


  • Raptor should be applied after crop emergence but before the 6-leaf crop stage in soybeans and peanuts, the 4-node stage in field peas and pre-flowering in legume-based pastures
  • Do not apply when wind conditions may result in drift, when temperature inversion conditions exist, or when spray may be carried to sensitive crops. Sensitive crops include, but are not limited to, leafy vegetables and sugar beet.
  • Spray equipment used for Raptor herbicide application must be drained and thoroughly cleaned with water before being used to apply other products, to avoid injury to other crops.
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