SAAF Fungicide -Systemic and Contact Fungicide

SAAF Fungicide -Systemic and Contact Fungicide


SAAF Fungicide is a systemic and contact fungicide that is used to prevent leaf spot, blast disease and rust disease and other types of fungi pests, in all variety of crops, especially on vegetable plants. One application helps protect the plant for a long period of time.

SAAF Fungicide is among the most trusted fungicides among Nigeria farmers to combat fungi pests on farms. It is very effective across a range of crops and diseases.

It is applied by mixing 1 gram of Saaf with 1 litre of water, and spraying over the treated crops. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor commercial farming purposes.

  • Active Ingredient: Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP.
    Recommended dosage: 1 grams in 1Ltr Water | 300-400 grams/acre.
    Application Type: Sprayer
  • Size: 40 pieces of 250g in a carton.

NB: Price above is for a carton.

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Fungicides are a type of pesticides that destroys to kill or prevent fungi growth and their spores. Fungicides is very needed to control fungi that damage plants on the farm. fungi includes rusts, mildews, blights etc. Fungicides can work in different ways, buf SAAF Fungicide kills fungal cell membranes and interrupt energy production within fungal cells.

SAAF Fungicides are biocidal chemical compounds used to kill parasitic fungi or their spores. It is a systemic and contact fungicide. This means that the SAAF fungicide is not taken up into the plant tissue and protects only the plant where the spray is deposited or applied.

SAAF as a systemic fungicide is also taken up by plant and is then translocated within the plant system. This will protect the plant from the attack of pathogenic fungi or controlling an already established infection.

Fungicides are pesticides known to prevent, kill, mitigate or distort the growth of fungi on plants. Elements used for SAAF are majorly copper and sulphur.

  1. How to prevent fungal disease/attack in the first place:
  • Provide good air circulation around plants by properly spacing them apart.
  • Water around the base of plants, instead of on the leaves.
  • Rake and remove fallen leaves of infected plants.
  • Apply a fresh layer of mulch to garden beds at the beginning of the growing season.

How to Use Fungicide:

SAAF fungicides come with specific directions on the package of the product.

  • Make sure you follow the direction on the product carefully.
  • Using too much is just as harmful as not using enough.
  • The correct quantity to be applied, spraying/distribution method and time of spraying are important considerations in how to use the SAAF fungicide properly.

Precautions for efficient and safe fungicide use:

  • Make sure the problem has to be diagnosed correctly.
  • Make sure you know the cause of the disease (is it a disease? If so what is causing it? Fungi? which one?).
  • Spray with caution. Use protective gears during application.
  • When ready to use the SAAF fungicide for the particular problem your plant is facing, don’t forget to read the label on the product and follow its instructions.
  • Use appropriate equipment during application.

NB: SAAF Fungicide is not effective against bacteria, nematodes, or viral diseases.

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Single Bottle, Carton

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