Spartan 300 OD | Insecticide | 100ml
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Spartan 300 OD | Insecticide | 100ml

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Use Spartan 300 OD Insecticide when you have insect pests infesting your crops and ornamentals. Most favorable control will be achieved when applications are made prior to the egg hatch of the target pests. Apply on calm days when wind speed is low to minimize the risk of drift.

  • Focus Crops: Rice, Maize, Tomato, Cotton, vegetables.
  • Focus pests: Whiteflies, Aphids, Armyworms, Borers, Bollworms, Thrips.
  • Dose rate: 40ml – 80ml (4-8ml) with 16L sprayer
Spartan 300 OD insecticide

Original price was: ₦4,000.Current price is: ₦3,700.

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Spartan 300 OD |Insecticide | 100ml

Spartan 300 OD is a combination insecticide that contains two active ingredients: beta-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid. Beta-cyfluthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that acts as a contact and stomach poison. Imidacloprid is a neonicotinoid insecticide that is systemic, meaning that it is absorbed by the plant and translocated throughout the plant tissues.

Spartan 300 OD offers a number of benefits to farmers, including:

Broad-spectrum control of insect pests: Spartan 300 OD is effective against a wide range of insect pests, including both sucking and chewing insects. This makes it a valuable tool for farmers who are facing multiple pest problems.
Fast-acting: Spartan 300 OD has a rapid knock-down effect, killing insects on contact. This is important for farmers who need to quickly control a pest infestation.
Long-lasting residual activity: Spartan 300 OD provides long-lasting residual activity, which protects crops from pests for several weeks after application. This is important for farmers who want to avoid having to reapply insecticide frequently.
Rainfast: Spartan 300 OD is rainfast, meaning that it remains effective even after rainfall. This is important for farmers who live in areas with high rainfall.
How to Use Spartan 300 OD Insecticide

Spartan 300 OD Insecticide can be applied using a variety of application methods, including foliar spray, chemigation, and soil drench. The specific application method and rate will vary depending on the target pest and crop.

It is important to read and follow the label carefully before using Spartan 300 OD Insecticide. Be sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling and applying the insecticide.

Safety Precautions

Spartan 300 OD Insecticide is a moderately toxic insecticide. It is important to take the following safety precautions when handling and applying the insecticide:

Wear appropriate PPE, including gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and respirators.
Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, and mouth.
Do not apply the insecticide to crops that are in bloom.
Do not apply the insecticide to crops that will be harvested within the pre-harvest interval (PHI).
Dispose of empty containers and unused insecticides properly.

Spartan 300 OD Insecticide is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is effective against a wide range of insect pests. It offers a number of benefits to farmers, including fast-acting, long-lasting residual activity, and rain fastness. However, it is important to use Spartan 300 OD Insecticide safely and follow the label carefully.

Additional Information for Farmers

It is a restricted-use pesticide, meaning that it can only be purchased and used by certified applicators.
It is toxic to bees and other beneficial insects. Be sure to apply the insecticide in the evening or early morning hours to minimize the impact on bees.
It can develop resistance in insect pests. It is important to rotate Spartan 300 OD with other insecticides with different modes of action to help prevent resistance.

Beta-cyfluthrin: is an insecticide, acting as a contact and stomach poison. It combines a rapid knock-down effect with long-lasting efficacy. It is not systemic in plants. It is used in agriculture, horticulture (field and protected crops), and viticulture.

The safety precautions;

  • Avoid contact with eyes by wearing eye protection, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a hat that can be washed after each use. 

Harmful if swallowed or inhaled the best help is to contact an ambulance and move to fresh air. If a person is not breathing, then give artificial respiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth if possible.

Change clothes and wash your hands immediately after applying pesticides.

Before applying a pesticide (indoors or outdoors), remove children, toys, and pets from the area and keep them away until the pesticide has dried.

If material is accidentally spilled, do not allow it to enter soil, waterways, or wastewater

An alternative for Spartan is

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