Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59 from Pacific Seed – 1kg Pack

Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59 from Pacific Seed – 1kg Pack


Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59 from Pacific Seed Thailand is an excellent variety breed for cultivation in the Tropics, it has good vigor and tolerant to hot and humid climatic condition.

Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59


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Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59


Productivity techniques

The seed utilization rate is          2.5 – 3 kg / rai.

Planting method:                   Drop 1 – 2 seeds per seed, when the seeds germinate, remove and separate to 1 plant

Planting distance

Suitable and high yield is Distance between plants 20 – 25 cm.Row 75 cm should not be planted more frequently than the distance.It is recommended because it will make use of more seeds.Higher and yield may be lower than the recommended planting period.


Harvested after the corn is approximately 105 – 120 days * The maturity depends on the characteristics of each species.

Fertilizing Sweet Corn for Best Growth

As a fast-growing leafy crop, corn is generally low-maintenance. However, a dose of nitrogen will help raise the level of nutrients in the soil to help create a beneficial environment for corn. For tall healthy stalks, corn enjoys a nitrogen-rich soil environment with enough phosphorus.

Before Planting Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59

  • Spread a 2-inch layer of compost over the corn plot area. Compost not only adds nitrogen, but also various micro nutrients, while improving drainage and enhancing the soil structure.
  • Lightly sprinkle nitrogen fertilizer, organic if available, over the layer of compost. Organic nitrogen supplements may include fish meal, cottonseed meal or blood meal.
  • Using a garden spade, or a grub hoe, mix the compost and fertilizer with the soil until the mixture is about 4 to 6 inches deep.
  • Plant the seeds according to planting instructions for your corn variety and layout.

As the Sprouts Grow

    • Fertilize the plants with a 16-16-8 liquid fertilizer when the corn plants have reached a height of 4 inches, but before it reaches 8 inches tall.
  • Also add a few inches of organic mulch when the corn is 3 or 4 inches tall. Mulch helps conserve water in the soil and helps ensure consistent soil moisture levels that corn plants need. It also attracts earthworms and adds nutrients as the organic matter decomposes and gets incorporated into the soil.
  • Fertilize the plants again when they are about 10 inches tall. This is best done by side-dressing, rather than applying fertilizer directly on the young plants. For this application use a 46-0-0 (all nitrogen) fertilizer product. Spread the nitrogen in a line on the soil surface about 6 inches from the row of corn. Water the corn as usual to help carry the nitrogen down to the root systems.
  • Add nitrogen one last time once the sweet corn ears begin producing silk, using 46-0-0 nitrogen fertilizer according to product application directions.


Second time, fertilizers make up 25-30 days after planting.

Apply fertilizer formula 46 – 0 – 0 rate 20 kg / rai.

Good seed storage advice There is a way to do this.

– Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59 should be stored in a shed or a well-ventilated place. Not hot and damp Can protect both sunlight and rain.

– The seeds should be stored in place. That is far from fertilizers, salt, chemicals, fuel and water.

– The seeds should be placed on the bunker. Or cement floor raised from the floor at least 10 – 15 cm.

– The shed should be cleaned regularly. Not to be a habitat for birds, rodents, termites and pests destroy the seed.

– Spray chemicals to eliminate moths. Seed pests in the shed Before putting the seeds into storage And should be sprayed every month or when there is an outbreak in the warehouse. Check out Sweet corn seed Hi brix 3


Characteristics of Sweet corn seed Hi brix 59



Characteristic Hi-brix 59 Eng
Average Yield With Husk * 20,306 kg/ha
Average Yield De-husk * 14,400 kg/ha
Silking Date ** 50-55
Plant Height 200 cm.
Ear Height 100 cm.
Day to Harvest After Silking ** 18-20
Day to Harvest After Planting ** 70-75
Silk Color White
Taste Excellent
Sweetness Excellent
Tenderness Very Good
Kernel Color Yellow
Number of Kernel Rows 16-18
Ear Length 19-20 cm.
Ear Diameter 5.0-5.5
NCLB resistance Tolerant
Weight 1 kg
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