Tecamin Max bio-stimulant (AgriTecno Brand)
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Tecamin Max bio-stimulant (AgriTecno Brand)

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Tecamin max bio-stimulant complement nutrition and crop protection. They do not have a direct implication on pests. Organic or ecological biostimulants are indispensable collaborators to face the challenges of the agriculture of the future. They provide essential elements to the crops that make them more resistant. Being an effective tool against abiotic stress, protecting and improving the health of the soil

Product Category: Micro Nutrients -Amino Acids
Active ingredient: Amino Acids (from Vegetal Extracts)
Target Crops: Cotton, Vegetables & Fruits

Features of Tecamin max bio-stimulant

  • This bio-stimulants help fertilizers to be more effective.
  • The product is intended for all kinds of cultures: vegetables, fruits, citrus fruits, vines, flowers, ornamentals etc.

Original price was: ₦8,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

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Product Description

Tecamin Max bio-stimulant is one of our main bio-stimulants based on key amino acids to increase nitrogen use efficiency and optimize overall plant metabolism by improving crop production. In addition, it is excellent protection against all types of abiotic stress situations. It is designed to supplement all fertilizer programs and can be applied by injection, drip irrigation, fertigation and foliar spray. This bio-stimulant is designed to increase the tolerance of plants against adverse effects of abiotic stress, favouring the development of beneficial soil microorganisms and generating a greater resistance to erosion.

The role of this product is to control and accelerate the life processes of plants, increase the resistance to stress and stimulate their development (roots and leaves). This Bio-stimulants contribute to better seed germination and induce the biological activity of plants. These products are also safe for the environment and contribute to sustainable, high-output low-input crop productions.

Benefits of Tecamin max bio-stimulant in agriculture

  • Tecamin max bio-stimulant help to combat the effects of environmental stress.
  • The product promotes better germination and root development, which increases vigour and resistance to stress.
  • It helps increase the filling and quality of the grain.
  • It also helps to promote the growth of plants.

Application of Tecamin max bio-stimulant

This product is recommended during the complete crop cycle once the plant has sufficient receptive foliar area. Apply at transplant and during vegetative growth, shooting/sprouting, flowering, fruit set and development and fruit ripening stages. Also, apply to overcome stressful situations.

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