Tomato seeds (Pop vriend)

Tomato seeds (Pop vriend)

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This is a product of Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds,  one of the top independent seed companies in Netherlands. This particular varieties can be cultivated both in an open field and in the green house, they are a mid-early maturing variety. After various trials carried in Kano, Nigeria, they were breed to be resistant against the following : Verticillium wilt, Late blight, Tomato spotted wilt, Fusarum wilt.

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Pop vendi tomatoes are a heirloom variety known for producing abundant, flavorful fruits perfect for sandwiches, salads, sauces, and more. Growing tomatoes from seed allows you to choose from a diverse selection of heirloom varieties not typically found in stores. Plus, you can be assured the seeds are non-GMO and untreated.

Below I’ll discuss the benefits of growing tomatoes, steps for planting and caring for tomato seedlings, and provide growing tips for a successful tomato harvest.

Importance of Growing Tomatoes

There are many great reasons to grow your own tomatoes:

Save money – Growing from seed is inexpensive. Get pounds of tomatoes for pennies on the dollar versus store prices.

Flavor – Homegrown heirloom varieties offer amazing flavor store tomatoes can’t match.

Nutrition – Freshly picked tomatoes contain more vitamins and antioxidants.

No chemicals – You control how your tomatoes are grown, avoiding pesticides and chemicals.

Fun hobby – Gardening is very rewarding and a great outdoor activity for all ages.

Benefits of Pop Vendi Tomatoes

Pop vendi tomatoes offer these advantages:

– Excellent flavor – These indeterminate tomatoes are juicy and packed with rich tomatoey taste. A tomato lover’s dream!

– Good yields – Each vine produces dozens of baseball-sized fruits. Expect abundant harvests.

– Disease resistance – This variety has genetic resistance to common tomato diseases like blight and wilt.

– Versatile – Enjoy fresh, cooked sauces and salsas, or freeze extra tomatoes for winter.

How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed

Growing tomatoes from seed is easy if you follow a few simple steps:

– Start seeds from nursery 6-8 weeks.

– Use a seed starting mix e.g. cocopeat and plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in trays or pots.

– Keep soil moist and provide plenty of light. Seedlings emerge in 5-12 days.

– Transplant outdoors after hardening off when night temps stay above 50 F. Add compost to planting holes. Space 18-36 inches apart.

– Use cages, stakes, or trellises to support plants as they grow. Mulch around bases.

– Water 1-2 inches per week. Feed with organic fertilizer when fruits start forming.

– Harvest tomatoes when fully colored but still firm. Enjoy!


I hope these tips help you grow a thriving crop of Pop vendi tomatoes this season. For more advice on planting, troubleshooting, or harvesting tomatoes, explore the Grow Guides n Farmsquare. Happy gardening!


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