Transparent Egg crates (Per Dozen)

Transparent Egg crates (Per Dozen)

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The transparent egg crates is an improvised medium for storing, packaging poultry eggs and is also used as a medium to display eggs without fear of easy breakage.

The crate is crafted with precision to ensure comfortability of eggs  hence the risk of breakage, cracking or slippage is reduced to the barest minimum.

It provides a beautiful display of poultry eggs.

Capacity Size: 6 eggs, 12 eggs, 15 eggs and 30 eggs

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Transparent Egg crates (Per Dozen)
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Transparent Egg crates…

Eggs are essential for every family’s diet for it’s high nutritional value, however egg shells are very fragile so it is very important to handle them with extreme care during carrying, transportation and sales. We offer egg producers and distributors with superior packaging egg crates.

Whether you are a poultry farmer or an egg distributor looking for high quality egg packaging, you will find a great selection on our store. either the plastic or Waterproof paper egg crates. They are eco friendly and can be recycled.

Benefits of using transparent crates includes:

  • It is a very durable medium of storing poultry eggs.
  • It is crafted to eliminate risk of cracking, breakage when in use.
  • Cracks can easily be spotted in case of an eventuality.
  • Made from quality materials and hence can be reused for a long while.
  • It provides a beautiful and clear display hence making it more attractive to potential customers/consumers.
  • A overhead cover is provided hence reducing risk of falling off.


  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight.
  • Avoid rough handling of product.
  • Avoid storing at extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid bring product near fire or other hot object.

Also check: Paper Egg Crates ( Eko pak ) (Pack of 100).

Capacity Size

By 6, By 12, By 15, By 30

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