Vanguish Systemic and Contact Insecticide -1L

Vanguish Systemic and Contact Insecticide -1L


The Vanguish insecticide from Saro is a contact and systemic insecticide that protects your crops like cowpea, cotton, watermelon, vegetables, and soybean from aphids, colorado beetles, and larvae. During wet seasons especially, insects will be a forgotten issue for on your farm with Vanguish. Vanguish knocks down a wide spectrum of insects below the injury level.

Product Features and Composition:

  • Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin 15g/lt + Acetamiprid 30g/lt EC.
  • Pack Size: 1L.
  • Dose Rate: 1Lt/ha.
  • Description: Systemic and contact with a broad spectrum
    control of insect pests.
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Toxicity of High and Low: Low Toxicity of Reagents
  • Mode: Systemic Insecticide
  • Toxicological Effect: Nerve Poison
  • Transport Package: 1L Bottle X 12bottles/ Carton.

For insect control, alternate insecticide product for resistance management
Apply at the onset of insect infestation and when the build-up of insect is seen.

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Vanguish Systemic and Contact Insecticide
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Vanguish Systemic and Contact Insecticide

Acetamiprid 35 g/L + Lambda-cyhalothrin 15 g/L EC is a highly systemic and contact insecticide for foliar and stem application and is active particularly against sucking insects and chewing insects with broad-spectrum long residual activity widely used in agriculture for controlling insect pests including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, diamondback moth, leaf miner, African bollworm, pod borer, stem borers and leaf beetle in a broad range of edible and ornamental crops.

Mode of Action:

  • Lambda-cyhalothrin (Pyrethroid group) kills either by ingestion or contact. It disrupts the functioning of the nervous system in an organism causing paralysis or death.
  • Acetamiprid (Neonicotinoid insecticide) targets the nervous system of the insect pest causing paralysis or death.


Crop Pest Rate Method of application
Roses, Carnations Aphids, Thrips, Bollworm Foliar spray: 500ml/ha in 1000L of water

(10ml/20 L of water)

Apply as first signs of infestation or insect egg hatch peak period as a full cover spray. Maximum 2 applications in at least a 7-day interval per season.


Tomatoes, Cucumber Capsicum Aphids, Thrips Whiteflies Bollworm
Brassicas; Kales Cabbage Broccoli Cauliflower Aphids, Thrips, DBM, Whiteflies, Bollworm, Leaf miner, Leaf beetle
Legumes; French beans, Runner beans, Common beans Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies, Pod borer
Cereals; Wheat, Barley, Rice, Maize Aphids, Caterpillars, Stem borers, Leaf beetles, Leafhoppers
Fruits; Melon, Orange, Mango Thrips, Leafminers, Whiteflies, Leaf beetles

Application Technique

Acetamiprid 35 g/L + Lambda-cyhalothrin 15 g/L EC is foliar-applied and adequate coverage of the crop foliage should be ensured for excellent results.

Application Timing

Apply Acetamiprid 35 g/L + Lambda-cyhalothrin 15 g/L EC as first signs of infestation or insect egg hatch peak period and repeat as necessary based on regular scouting for successful control.

Preparation of Spray Mixture

  • Fill the spray tank with half the amount of required water.
  • Add the required amount of Acetamiprid 35 g/L + Lambda-cyhalothrin 15 g/L EC and fill the water to the required level.
  • Agitate to ensure thorough mixing.
  • Use the spray mixture on the same day of preparation.


Acetamiprid 35 g/L + Lambda-cyhalothrin 15 g/L EC is compatible with the most commonly used pesticides and liquid fertilizers. However, a compatibility test is advisable before mixing commercial quantities or spraying a large area.


Acetamiprid 35 g/L + Lambda-cyhalothrin 15 g/L EC is not phytotoxic when used as recommended.


  • DO NOT enter treated areas during the restricted-entry interval of 12hours.
  • If entry is necessary, appropriate protective clothing should be worn.

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Single Bottle, Carton

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