Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds (Enza Zaden | 1,000 Seeds)
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Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds (Enza Zaden | 1,000 Seeds)


Variety ELPIDA F1
Packaging Size 1,000 Seeds
Maturity Medium-Early (80 days after transplant)
Type Indeterminate
Fruit Shape Beef Round
Fruit Set 4-5 fruits per truss; 14 trusses per cycle
Fruit Weight 220-250grams
Shelf Life 10-15 days
Disease Resistance: HR: Tomato
Mosaic Virus, Verticilium wilt, Fusarium wilt 0-1, Fusarium crown and root rot,
IR: Powdery mildew, Root-knot nematodes MaMiMj
Plant Density 1.8-2.5 plants per m2
Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds


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Beef Tomato Elpida F1 Seeds are vigorous Indeterminate Tomato plant ideal for greenhouse production. It grows constant throughout the growing season with a long harvesting cycle of 6-9 months. Fruits are of uniform size with flattened round shape.

Perhaps the most successful Enza Zaden beef tomato of all time. Elpida is market leader throughout the world. Widely adapted to many cropping types and season, a strong and steady growing plant habit and a phenomenally high yield of dark green to red quality fruits. Farmers growing Elpida have little need to look elsewhere for a class variety with staying power.
Early low-maintenance hybrid. Strong plant with short internodes. Good resistance to temperature drops. Uniform large round fruits of bright red color with weight of 200-230 gr. High quality fruits with good shelf life. Good resistance package, Resistance to nematode and powder mildew allows to plant it on old diseased soils. Recommended for short and long crops on soil.

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