Dekalb Maize Hybrid Seeds (White) -2kg

Dekalb Maize Hybrid Seeds (White) -2kg


Dekalb maize seeds (DK234) are hybrid maize seeds variety from Mosanto. This hybrid maize variety has a strong vigor, vigorous growth ability and high yield. It is one of the highest yielding hybrid maize varieties in Nigeria.

DK234 hybrid maize variety has produced over 13 tons per hectare in controlled trials in Nigeria. Some maize farmers in Nigeria recorded yields of 5 – 8 tons per hectare after planting this hybrid maize variety.

  • Product featuresVariety: Hybrid
    Fruit colour : White
  • Yield: 13 tonnes per hectare
  • Tolerance: Drought
  • Resistance: Disease
  • Maturity time: 90 -120 days
  • Package size: 2kg


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The Dekalb Maize Hybrid Seeds (White) -2kg is a high-yielding, drought-tolerant hybrid maize variety that is well-adapted to the Southern and Northern Guinea Savanna ecologies of Nigeria. It has a yield potential of 13 tonnes per hectare and is tolerant to maize streak virus, rust, and Striga hermonthica. The seeds are white and have a slightly sweet taste

The Dekalb Maize Hybrid Seeds (White) -2kg is a determinate variety, which means that it will only grow to a certain height and then stop. This makes it a good choice for areas with limited space. The seeds are resistant to rust, Striga, and Blight Diseases, which are some of the most common diseases that affect maize in Nigeria.

With proper care, you can expect to harvest a good yield of maize from the Dekalb Maize Hybrid Seeds (White) -2kg. The yield will depend on the factors such as the soil quality, the amount of rainfall, and the level of care that you provide.

Benefits/Importance of Dekalb Maize Hybrid seeds

  • This variety can yield over 13 tons per hectare. This has been confirmed in controlled trials.
  • It has a high grain yield.
  • It has resistances to striga, rust and blight diseases.
  • It has a good maturity time.
  • This hybrid corn variety can be grown in the dry season and the rainy season in Nigeria.
  • DK234 maize variety can also be grown in the rain forest, Guinea savanna, Sudan savanna and Sahel savanna belts of Nigeria.

Steps on how to plant Dekalb Maize Hybrid seeds

  • Plough, harrow and ridge your farmland.
  • Apply glyphosate to kill the weeds from the roots.
  • Do not plant until after a few days after the application of glyphosate.
  • Plant one DK234 maize seed per hole. The intra-row spacing should be 25cm while the inter-row spacing should be 75cm.
  • Apply lagon herbicide immediately after planting of the seeds or not later than 2 days after seeding.
  • Apply fertilizers and pesticides as advised by your agronomist. You may need to apply 3-4 bags of urea fertilizer and 3-4 bags of NPK fertilizers per hectare.
  • Apply belt expert and decis insecticides to guard against army worms.
  • Harvest when the cobs are dry.
  • Use a Sheller to shell the maize seeds from the cobs.

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