Hercules F1 Bell | Sweet Hybrid Pepper Seeds | 500 Seeds
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Hercules F1 Bell | Sweet Hybrid Pepper Seeds | 500 Seeds


Hercules F1 Bell pepper, also called sweet pepper, is an early ripening hybrid variety of bell pepper with a bushy plant that does not require staking. Highly resistant to a wide range of diseases.

Product Features:

  • Vigorous and strong plant
  • Short busy plant, solid Frame
  • Very good Foilage, large leafs
  • Shape: Blocky fruit
  • Colour: Medium green colour to bright red
  • Fruit Weight: 250 – 280g
  • Size: width 10- 11 by length 11-12
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Firmness: Very firm, very good shelf life
  • Highly resistant to Tomato Mosaic Virus, Pepper Mild Mottle Virus races, Potato Mottle Virus, pepper Yellow Mosaic virus.
  • It also has internal resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus and Phytophtera Blight
  • Maturity: 3months.
  • Package size: 500 seeds.
Hercules F1 Bell Pepper


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Hercules F1 Bell Pepper

Hercules F1 Bell pepper is an early ripening variety of bell pepper from Clause Vegetable Seeds Company, with a bushy plant that does not require staking, the height of which reaches no more than 0.5 m. Characterized with dark green leaves that are of medium size and slightly wrinkled structure. It produces cuboid fruits with a thickness of 7mm that have juicy pulp with a rich aroma. This makes it suitable for the production of tomato paste. It is high yielding and resistant to Fusarium.

  • A compact bushy plant that does not require staking, thus saving labour & money
  • Early concentrated fruit set, suitable for unique harvest or mechanical harvest
  • Can be grown un-staked due to compact, strong growth form.
  • Excellent foliage cover preventing sunburn
  • Very uniform fruit size and shape, with thick flesh and long shelf-life
  • Resistant to a wide range of diseases.

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