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Maize Hybrid Dekalb Seeds (Bayer Brand)

Maize Hybrid Dekalb Seeds (Bayer Brand)

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Early maturity.

Consistent performance.

High yielding genetics.

Drought tolerant.

Resist diseases.

Quantity: 2kg pack for Yellow; 5kg for white

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Maize Hybrid Dekalb Seeds (Bayer Brand) – Varieties: DK 234 F1

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White maize hybrid DK234 with yield potential of 13 tonnes per hectare is well adapted for the Southern and Northern Guinea Savanna ecologies and shows tolerance to Maize Streak Virus, rust and Striga hermonthica. A bag contains 5kg.
Maize Hybrid Dekalb Seeds (Bayer Brand) – Varieties: DK 920 F1

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Yellow maize hybrids DK920 have a yield potential of 10 tonnes per hectare and are adapted for the South and Northern Guinea Savanna ecologies. The yellow hybrids are tolerant to maize streak virus, rust, leaf blight, curvularia leaf spot, and Striga hermonthica. A bag contains 2kg.
Maize Hybrid Dekalb Seeds (Bayer Brand)
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Bayer/Dekalb Brand maize seeds are performance leaders thanks to an ongoing commitment to innovation and seed expertise that’s second to none. DEKALB innovations incorporate fresh thinking and advantages that are field-proven season after season.

In Africa, Bayer/Dekalb maize varieties are available in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. They are high yielding, drought tolerant, and resist diseases such as leaf rust, Maize Streak vVirus (MSV), Grey Leaf Spot (GLS), and diplodia. Dekalb hybrids are responsive to good management and thus, yields can be enhanced by adopting good agronomic practices.

This maize seed gives you the best chance for success; advanced research, early maturity, consistent performance and high yielding genetics to give you more options on the farm.

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DK 920 F1, DK 234 F1

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