Plastic Vegetable Transport Crates

Plastic Vegetable Transport Crates

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Our Plastic Vegetable Crate is mainly used to carry vegetable crops and fruits after harvest. It is also called harvesting crate. It is lightweight and low cost.  These vegetable harvesting crate is well known among farmers for their robust design and smooth finish with good ventilation for the vegetable harvest while stored in them.  These products are lightweight and can be moved comfortably from one place to another.


  • High Load Capacity
  • Premium Quality Plastic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Recyclable Materials.
  • Easy To Lift
  • Long Life Service
  • 30kg
Choose an option
Choose an option
Plastic Vegetable Transport Crates – Type: Stackable
This is the stackable type of vegetable crate. Very strong and comes in different colours.
Plastic Vegetable Transport Crates – Type: Non-Stackable
This is the stackable type of vegetable crate. It comes in different colours.
Vegetable Transport crate
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Plastic vegetable transport crate is the worldwide acceptable  packaging container for fresh farm produce, especially  perishables such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumber etc. particularly for long distance travel. Its advantages over the raffia/traditional basket in the reduction of post-harvest losses are huge. It is estimated that about 40% of post-harvest losses are attributable to these poor packaging and handling practices, with the use of these plastic vegetable transport crates you reduce your post harvest loss during transit in tomatoes by  5%. The plastics are also designed to sit on one another rather than sit on the contents of the crates beneath. Some are designed to sit in one another when empty thereby reducing the space required to convey the crates for reuse. This will result in increase income/ revenue for the farmers.

Advantages of Plastic Vegetable Crates 

  • As a strong, rigid crate these plastic crates can be used for many journeys, making the cost per journey relatively low
  • Different sizes and shapes are available to suit different customers needs.
  • Colours can be used for marketing purposes.
  • The containers are easy to clean and to disinfect.
  • Plastic crates are strong and weather resistant and, because of their water resistance, the containers can be used in humid areas and during hydro-cooling.
  • It help to save cost in the long run
  • Usage/Application Vegetable Crate
    Brand Swift
    Color Blue/Orange/Yellow/Black/Brown
    Size(L*B*H)mm 600 X 400 X 280 mm
    Capacity 57 Ltr
    Shape Rectangular


Stackable, Non-Stackable

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