Tomato Hybrid Seeds (Cobra 26 F1) -Technisem Brand
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Tomato Hybrid Seeds (Cobra 26 F1) -Technisem Brand

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Our Hybrid Tomato seed of Cobra 26 F1 has one of the variety of the Technisem range, which combines tolerances to TYLCV and to Bacterial Wilt. COBRA 26 F1 also improves yield productivity and viability to Sahelian & tropical tomato producers who have to confront pressures more and more complex. COBRA 26 F1 produces in abundance uniform square fruits. Its firmness insures a very good conservation
after the maturity period of 65 to 70 days with its average fruit weight of 80 to 90g. It is suitable for all seasons planting and resist raining seasons & also has highest yield per tomato plant.

Plant Features:

  • Determinate
  • Very good vigor
  • Very good productivity.
  • Very good maturity of first harvest from 65 days after planting.
  • Square fruit with medium size (80-90 g).
  • Uniform coloration.
  • Good firmness.
  • Good conservation.


  • TYLCV (Tomato Yellow Leaf Curled Virus).
  • Very good tolerance to Bacterial Wilt – IR, (Ralstonia solanacearum) – IR.
  • Resistant to Fusarium (Fol.0 et Fol.1) – HR
  • Resistant to TMV(0) and to Verticillium – HR


Tomato Hybrid Seeds (Cobra 26 F1) -Technisem Brand


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Cobra 26 F1 tomatoes are determinate plants which are tall, require staking and produce tomatoes over a longer period of time. Instead of having one large harvest at once, they bear over a period of months. These are perfect for home gardeners who want their harvest spread out, or greenhouse growers that want tall plants to best use their space.


Tomatoes are tender plants and are very susceptible to frost damage. Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your area. Sow 2-3 seeds in 1×1 inch cells and thin to 1 plant after germination. Cover seed with 1⁄4 inches soil and provide a constant soil temperature of 21-26 degrees C. Once plants are up, a growing light is necessary or seedlings will become tall and spindly. After plants develop 1-2 sets of true leaves, transplant into 3 inches jiffy pots. Use a water soluble fertilizer every two weeks starting at half strength and increasing to full strength over 6 weeks. Seedlings benefit from waterings with Epsom salts, use 1 Tbsp of Epsom salts per gallon. Transplant after all danger of frost has passed. When transplanting, space 24-36 inches apart with rows at least 36-48 inches apart.


Full sun location, preferably with good air circulation. Soil pH of 6.0-6.5. Heavy feeders, prefer a warm, well-drained soil of good fertility and cultivation. Add plenty of compost and well-rotted manure prior to planting. Feed regularly during the growing season with a compost tea or well balanced fertilizer. Avoid excessive nitrogen, particularly before fruit set. Provide even moisture during fruit set and development. Excessive watering can increase fruit size but decrease flavour.


Pick fruit when fruit is firm and turning red. Overripe tomatoes rot quickly.

Pests & Diseases:

Protect from cutworms by using protective collars around the plant stem or place cornmeal around plant base. Blossom end rot (a brownish-black, sunken dead area that forms on the bottom of the fruit) is a condition caused by a calcium deficiency due to uneven watering. Blight, another disease common to tomatoes is caused by warm, humid conditions particularly if plants have not been given some support to keep foliage off the ground. Use copper or sulfur sprays to help prevent blight. Good air circulation along with proper rotation will help to prevent onset of this harmful disease.

A true greenhouse tomato. With is heavy yield and good taste Cobra has gained strong recognition among greenhouse growers. Properly maintained it will bear fruit for many months. High yields of uniform glossy fruit. Large, round to oblong, 7 ounce fruit are firm, extremely resistant to cracking with excellent external quality. Tolerance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Maturity is 65-70 days from transplanting. Approx. 15 seeds/pkg.

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