Tomato seeds (Belfast F1) indeterminate Beef Tomato
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Tomato seeds (Belfast F1) indeterminate Beef Tomato

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Variety:  Belfast F1

Remark: Green house

Quantity: 1000 seeds
Type: Indeterminate for greenhouse and net house
Density: 2.5 per m2
Maturity: 80 days
Fruit set: 7-8 per truss, 14 truss per cycle
Weight: 250-270 gram
Shelf life: 10-15 days
Resistances: Tomato Mosaic Virus, Leaf Mold, Fusarium, Nematodes

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Belfast F1  beef tomato is a compact plant,medium and fruiting constant throughout the production cycle, is an extra early hybrid with indeterminate growth. The fruits are large 250-270 g. Fruit shape is round, slightly flattened and the color crimson. The hybrid is recommended for spring crops. The hybrid is suitable grown cycle and shows good resistance to diseases and pests. Disease resistant: tomato mosaic virus (ToMV); Fusarium (Ff: A-E, Fol: 0-2); Ventricilium albo-artum (Va); Ventricilium dahilae (Vd); TSWV (intermediate resistance); Tomatoes nematodes (intermediate resistance).

Characteristics of Indeterminate Tomato

There are certain general characteristics associated with indeterminate tomatoes regardless of variety.

  • Non-stop growth and fruiting throughout the season.
  • Grows vines which can be as long as 2 meters or 6 feet in length.
  • Forms flowers along sides of the shoots.
  • The fruit is larger than that of determinate tomatoes.
  • Produces longer branches and sparse foliage.
  • Requires removal of suckers and general pruning.
  • Requires trellising, caging or stacking to support the vines

Caring for indeterminate tomato

Indeterminate varieties of tomatoes require extra care compared to their determinate counterparts. Pruning is an essential exercise that must be performed on indeterminate tomatoes regularly.

Suckers  must be removed to redirect energy to fruit production. Pruning is an ongoing exercise throughout the season because the plant continues to grow. Pruned tomatoes have better flavour than those left unpruned.

In addition to pruning, indeterminate tomatoes require support. This can be done through stakes, trellis or cages. The support ensures the vine grows upright vertically away from the ground. This reduces risk of disease and other yield and quality damaging pests.

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