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Velum Prime Agricultural Nematicide (Bayer Brand) -250g

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Velum Prime, from Bayer brand, can be used for the suppression of plant parasitic nematodes and for the reduction of fanging caused by nematodes.

Product features

  • Active substance: 400g/l fluopyram
  • Formulation: Suspension concentrate
  • Packaging size: 250ml
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Velum Prime manages a wide spectrum of yield-robbing nematodes while offering fungicidal activity against damaging diseases, such as early blight.

It contains a mode of action that is different to other nematicides and is based on a liquid formulation that exhibits a favourable environmental profile.

Mode of Action

The active ingredient, Fluopyram, is classified as a FRAC Group 7 fungicide, works to combat nematodes and damaging diseases. Velum Prime moves from roots to leaves, not only suppressing nematodes below ground but also moving throughout the plant to help protect root health, suppress key diseases and maximize yield potential.


  • Compatible with most commonly used fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and foliar nutrient products.
  • Fast, effective and long duration control of Root-knot nematodes.
  • The safety profile for the operator and the environment.
  • Low application rate and high flexibility in application.
  • Velum Prime can be used with all crop types.
  • Profitable and sustainable farm management.
  • Velum Prime is easier to use and applied at a significantly lower dose rate than traditional granules.
  • It brings flexibility to yield protection and population management.
  • Has an easy-to-handle packaging and low application rate.


  • Application for Velum Prime depends on the crop:
  • Potatoes: apply using in-furrow* or overhead chemigation equipment.
  • Tomatoes, brassicas, leafy vegetables and cucurbits: apply into root-zone through low-pressure drip, trickle, micro-sprinkler or equivalent equipment.
  • Citrus, pome and stone fruit: apply to newly planted trees or those previously trained to drip, trickle or micro-sprinkler irrigation.

Apply Velum Prime at critical timings for disease suppression.  For nematode suppression, Velum Prime application timing depends on the crop.

  • Potatoes: apply at the planting or early season.
  • Tomatoes, brassicas, leafy vegetables and cucurbits: apply as early as a plant.
  • Citrus, pome and stone fruit: apply to newly planted trees or those previously trained to drip, trickle or micro-sprinkler irrigation. The soil must be lightly pre-wetted to break soil surface tension prior to applications


  • Do not allow spray mixture to remain in the tank overnight, or for long periods during the day without agitation.
  • When tank mixing with other pesticides, observe the more restrictive label limitations and precautions.

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