Vinkoquat Disinfectant -2 Litres
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Vinkoquat Disinfectant -2 Litres

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Vinkoquat is a disinfectant cleanser for broad-spectrum control of viruses, bacteria and fungi for use on machinery, equipment, animal accommodation and vehicles. It is a powdered, oxygen-based disinfectant containing organic salts and organic acids. Vinkoquat offers high dilution efficiency, making it not only reliable but very cost-effective. Its non-irritant and non-staining formulation makes Vinkoquat the ideal choice for bio-security control around the farm, animal housing or veterinary clinic for broad-spectrum pathogen control.

Product Features

  • Size is 2litres
  • The product is easy to use.
Vinkoquat disnfectant

Original price was: ₦8,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

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Vinkoquat disinfectant is a strong spectrum farm disinfectant powerful and lethal to spores, viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae. This is a general disinfectant for agricultural purposes to kill pathogenic microbes in all areas concerned, suitable on all surfaces. Concentrated for economical use Easy application with mop or spray trigger bottle Pleasant fresh fragrance.

In general, disinfection should accompany good cleaning of the areas or surfaces to be disinfected because organic matter can interfere with or even inactivate some disinfectants. When choosing a disinfectant factors to consider are its spectrum of activity against the important pathogens, its suitability for the application (e.g. use on porous surfaces, corrosiveness) and ease of use.

Disinfectants are applied to a disease-causing agent in order to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. Using the right types of disinfectants regularly is critical in helping prevent the spread of diseases. Since there are many types of disinfectants on the market, it’s important to understand how they work including their pros and cons in order to make an informed decision on how to best disinfect and protect your facility and farm.

Why it is necessary to disinfect farm

Decontaminating your poultry house is crucial in order to prevent Marek’s disease, mycoplasma, respiratory viruses, E.coli, mites, and other poultry health problems. Even more important is the control of Salmonella Enteritidis (SE), especially in laying hens. SE can colonize a chicken’s intestinal tract without necessarily causing obvious disease in the chicken itself. This may lead to the organism invading other tissues and eventually finding its way into the reproductive tract and ovary, contaminating the egg itself.


In order to reduce SE and other health risks, a completely dry cleaning, washing and disinfection of the poultry house after each flock or at minimum once each year is recommended. Successful cleaning is hard work and requires systematic completion of several sequential steps. Every step is important. Skipping one step or doing an incomplete job at any point will make the next step harder and lead to failure.
Start by removing all birds from the building to be cleaned, along with all equipment that can be cleaned in another place, such as feeders and waterers.

How to disinfect our farm

This is a crucial step which the small flock owner might normally overlook. Disinfectants should be applied only after the building and equipment have been thoroughly cleaned, ideally right after rinsing. Disinfectants can be applied by sprays, aerosols or fumigation. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of “fumigating” your hen house: for most small flock facilities, using a garden type sprayer is the easiest method, and chances are you already have a suitable disinfectant around the house.
Follow the manufacturer’s directions for mixing and dilution of these disinfectants.  A good rule of thumb is to apply at the rate of one gallon of diluted disinfectant per 150-200 square feet of surface area. For a more thorough disinfecting, soak waterers and feeders in a 200 ppm chlorine solution (1 tablespoon chlorine bleach per gallon of boiling water).

Importance of using Vinkoquat disinfectant

  • Vinkoquat disinfectant helps to devise means of rendering the causes ineffective if not the removal of the causes of the spread of diseases.
  • Helps in providing the most favorable conditions of life in respect to water, air, well-sanitized sheds, etc.
  • This product helps lowers the rate of mortality and increases the longevity of animals.
  • It help prevents economic losses due to infection.

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