Weed Crusher Herbicide (1 Liter | Carton)

Weed Crusher Herbicide (1 Liter | Carton)


Weed Crusher Herbicide is quick-acting and non-selective, killing green plant tissue on contact. it is one of the most widely used herbicides used to control grass and other weed in grains, fruits and plantation farms.

Product Features:

  • Active Ingredient: 200g/l Paraquat ion (276g/l as Paraquat
  • Total contact and general herbicide for the control of broad-leaved and grassy weeds.
  • Used as a post-emergence herbicide in most cases on weeds.
  • Pack Size: 1 Litre | 12 Bottles in a carton
  • Toxicity Class: WHO Class II
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Weed Crusher Herbicide
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Weed Crusher Herbicide (1L)

Weed Crusher is quick-acting and non-selective, killing green plant tissue on contact. It contains 276 g Paraquat Di-chloride (200 g paraquat ion) per liter.

Weed Crusher Herbicide is used as a quaternary ammonium herbicide. It is redistributed within the plant but does not harm mature bark.

It is one of the most widely used herbicides in the world. Herbicide is used for total control of grass and other weeds in maize, cowpea, wheat, cotton, and fruit and in plantation crops such as cocoa, rubber, palm fruit, and sugarcane.

It can be sprayed with the use of a knapsack sprayer, hand held pressure sprayer, and tractor-powered sprayer.


  • Weed Crusher Herbicide protects crops by controlling a wide range of annual and certain perennial weeds that would otherwise compete with the crop for water, nutrients, and light.
  • It controls grass and other weed in cowpea, wheat, cotton, sorghum, fruits, and in plantations like cocoa, oil palm, rubber, and sugarcane.

Safety and Spraying Precaution

  • A stick should be used to stir when mixing herbicide with water in a bucket.
  • Always put on a protective covering such as overall, hand gloves, and rubber boots.
  • Always ensure you back the direction of the wing while spraying to avoid spraying onto yourself.
  • Do not spray directly on cultivated crops.
  • Wash your body with soap as well as spraying equipment.
  • The most tractor-powered sprayer will have a recirculating pump. So when using a handheld sprayer and knapsack sprayer always find a way to provide agitation when mixing to give better results. One way is to start with less water in the tank, add herbicide, then add water and stir.

(vii) SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Do not use Weedcrusher in a mist blower. Do not smoke, drink or eat while using the product. Wear suitable protective clothing and face goggles when mixing and using. Concentrated Weedcrusher can irritate your skin. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. After spraying, wash yourself, change and wash your clothes. When bottle is empty, do not re – use again, crush or cut, then burn or bury it. Keep unused Weedcrusher in its bottle, tightly closed, locked up out of reach of children and away from food. Keep animals away until the spray has dried.

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