Story of Raju: An Idea To Solving Farmers’ Problem

Raju is our office boy, but now he is an entrepreneur too. He has an immense desire to do something and to grow. When we go home after a full day of work, we are so tired that we can’t go to the market and buy fresh vegetables. And in the evening we pay almost double prize for the leftovers. We don’t only compromise with the quality of vegetables but also with our health. For example, the apple that we buy at Geeta Bhawan at Rs. 120 per KG which is available in the mandi only for Rs. 45 per KG.

So, now, he will be taking the pain, he will buy fresh vegetables from the mandi and deliver it to offices. Give him the order in the morning and get the vegetables delivered to your office before you leave.

You just have to pay 10% of your order prize and he will be saving your 40%. This way, he is earning double the salary he is getting, and polishing his entrepreneurial skills in extra time.

How The Idea To Solving The Challenge Came? 

People have their farmlands and they are a very hard worker, they know how to do farming.

The Problem:  they don’t know what to cultivate to make it profitable, they can’t buy great machines that can improve their return, it’s more like hopes bestowed on god now.

The Solution: I discussed with a few clients who were into E-Commerce and selling online grocery like Farm Square Nigeria. I asked if they were interested in investing or giving money by giving them bulk quality grains and pulses at a very low cost. They agreed to it as they can get all the vegetable and grains direct from a farm at cheap transport.

Some farmers are ready to give their land for a few years, if there is monthly pay, let’s take 5,000 – 10,000 Rs a month. The farm still belongs to them but they have to work there with a fixed salary and variable depends on profit.

Source: Quora 

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