Overview is the first of its kind and Nigeria’s No. 1 leading online agricultural store and marketplace for farm produce, agricultural products, agricultural equipments etc., where you will find everything you need regarding agriculture (and even more!) at quality and very low prices. You can now conveniently and securely shop online for quality agricultural commodities and receive your order safely at your location. It is a business division of O’gulp Agriculture.

We promote certified Organic products. You can book farm products ahead  before time, get freshly harvested products straight from the farm and save cost. Also, get the latest happenings and modern techniques in agriculture through our Agro News/Blog page. is an online agricultural  marketplace and online store, dedicated to consistently giving agro-trade customers, consumer customers, agro-industries and agro-offtakers quality satisfaction and relief by delivering excellent service and quality agro-products.
At, we supply and deliver organic produce/products, conventional fresh farm produce, processed agro products, livestock, fruits, vegetables, chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, livestock feeds , machineries and equipment to customers’ doorstep or preferred location.
O’gulp Agriculture designed and built the online store ( to expand our market and customers reach band. We also supply in tonnages and large quantities to big buyers and exporters of any demanded agro commodities. If it is not fresh, hygienic and well-packed, then it is not from us. Our brand is our unique selling proposition and it makes us standout.

At, we don’t only sell to our customers, but also educate visitors, using our Agro-blog and Newspage.


We listen to customers and deliver innovative techniques in agricultural marketing.
We are built on agriculture and technology, which is sustained by trust and inspired by agricultural opportunities.
To create a platform suitable for free and fair agricultural trading.


To be the pacesetter and the most preferred online agriculture marketplace in Nigeria and beyond by improving agriculture through digital agro-marketing.
To be Nigeria’s most customer centric agricultural company; to build a place where agro-offtakers can come to find and discover any agricultural commodity they might want to buy online.
To organize the world’s information in agriculture and make it universally accessible and useful to stakeholders.

Benefits of Choosing
  1. Convenience and easiness in marketing and purchasing your agricultural commodities.
  2. Selling your own products as an agro-merchant at a go and opening your products to a wider reach online.
  3. With you can shop, order and get delivery at your desired location.
  4. We have a creative solution and proffer holistic approach to today’s business and hectic time in agricultural marketing.
  5. We breach the gap between agro producers and off-takers.
  6. We partner directly with local farmers to offload their harvests quickly to buyers, which helps to reduce postharvest farm produce wastage by 70% and cost from buying from middlemen.
  7. We provide larger markets and bulk sales to buyers at subsidized prices.
  8. Our products have the cheapest prices because of our direct partnership with agro-companies and farmers.


Sellers Center

Our network provides wider range of opportunities to farmers to display and sell their produce to agro-offtakers, bulk buyers, local and international markets 24/7 on the go. With us, no market barrier. You farm and produce, we market and deliver for you. What a big opportunity!
This is our own unique way of empowering the teeming local and rural farmers in Nigeria by helping them take their farm produce online and make shopping easy, convenient, visible and accessible to everyone.