Farmsquare is giving you an opportunity to sell your farm inputs to millions of farmers nationwide. Please we only allow farm inputs, like seeds, fertilizers , poultry equipment etc. for now. 

Application is free, fast and simple. You can apply here

1. First Step: scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on vendors registration 

2. Fill out the registration form

Please fill this section correctly. Be sure to enter your preferred URL slug for your store on

Your application will be reviewed and our team will accept or reject your application within 24/48hrs on working days, keep checking your email address for a response. Once your application is approved and you’ve received a success mail click on visit now to start the process of setting up your store

3. Login with your email and password, the same one you provided during the registration process.

4.       Welcome Page

Begin the process of setting up your store by clicking on let’s go,  you fill in your store details i.e. name, location, phone number etc. you should also fill in your correct bank account information, this detail will be used to make remittance after every successful sales .

5.  Store

The first step will require that you add your store logo, banner, name, email, and address as well as a general description for your store and the things you sell.

You can also skip this step and head to your store settings later to set this up.

6.  Payment

After this, you will enter your bank information for depositing all payments to your store with Farmsquare. You can skip this step if you are not comfortable to drop your account details yet.

7.   Policies

Every store on Farmsquare is expected to have its own policies for Shipping, Refund, and Cancellation/Return/Exchange. We expect you to input such details here.

8.  Customer Support

Enter the details of your support team here.

9.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your SEO settings handle how your online store appears on search engines while your SOCIAL settings determine how your store appears on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here, you can set what appears when your link is shared.

After this, you can add your social media links and handles.

10.  Done

You are set, start uploading your products and start selling.

11.  Add Products

Once you are done filling your details you go straight to your dashboard and start adding your products. Click on the products tab and then  Add products, give a detailed description of your products make sure you include details like sizes/weight ,colour, how to use etc. these will encourage fast sales. Submit your product and our team will review and publish and you start making sales