Farmsquare’s “Save Now, Buy Later” is a financial product that enables farmers to save money towards future purchases of farm inputs, supplies, or equipment. The product offers a savings plan and the option to lock in the current price of the desired farm inputs or supplies for future purchases. This means that farmers can save money over a period of time and secure their farm inputs at the current price, avoiding paying higher prices for the input when needed in the nearest future, due to potentially frequent price increases.


Save Now, Buy Later” is majorly for smart farmers:

  1. Search for any product of your choice on our platform.
  2. Click on Add to Cart.
  3. Notice the Make deposit option.
  4. Click on it and make a 25% down payment. This locks down the item for you, as the prices won’t change till you are done with the payment.
  5. You can spread the remaining payments up to three times.

Please note: You can make a complete payment on or before the deadline, but failure to complete your payment after the deadline, will attract a 10% forfeiture of your initial down payment. Remember that Farmsquare will be keeping the products for you and ensure prices don’t change even in the face of constant inflation and rise in prices of goods, please bear with us. T&C Applies.

Benefits To Farmers

The “Save Now, Buy Later” solution offers several advantages to farmers.

Firstly, it enables farmers to plan for their input purchases in advance and spread the cost over time at a cheaper price. Instead of having to make a large, one-time payment for expensive inputs or supplies at a later date, farmers can make smaller payments over a time that fits within their budget. This can help to improve cash flow and reduce financial stress.

Secondly, the option to lock in the current price of farm inputs or supplies for future delivery can be a valuable tool for farmers. It allows you to avoid price increases that may occur later in the season, which can help to reduce your costs and also improve your profitability. It also provides greater certainty and predictability in your budget, which can help you to plan for the future more effectively.

Finally, the “Save Now, Buy Later” product can help farmers to better manage risk. By saving money in advance and securing their supplies at the current price, farmers can reduce their exposure to price fluctuations and supply chain disruptions. This can help to improve your overall financial stability and resilience.

In summary, Farmsquare’s “Save Now, Buy Later” product offers farmers a flexible and convenient way to save money towards future purchases of farm inputs, supplies, or equipment. The option to lock in current prices, and the ability to spread the cost over time, provide significant benefits to farmers in terms of cash flow, financial stability, and cost management. So what are you waiting for?

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