BW 5% Concentrate (Broilers and Layers)

BW 5% Concentrate (Broilers and Layers)

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We offer both Broiler and Layer Concentrates to  to feed poultry birds in a healthy and hygienic manner. It is formulated using quality raw material, with set industry standards. This range is acknowledged for its high nutritional value, premium quality and competitive pricing. It is packed in air-tight packaging so that its natural qualities can be retained for a prolonged period of time.

Feed formulation now easier, better and faster. With 50Kg BW 5% Concentrate, you can make 1000kg well balanced feed for your chicks.



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BW 5% Concentrate
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BW 5% Concentrate (Broilers and Layers)…

We have you a concentrate containing high-quality protein sources, all vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and additives.

Mixing the BW 5% concentrate together with your own raw materials will result in high-quality poultry feed. We offer this for both broiler and layer poultry birds.

Here are some key points about broiler concentrate 5%:

Nutrient Composition: Broiler concentrate 5% contains a balanced blend of macronutrients and micronutrients required for the optimal growth and development of broiler chickens. The specific composition may vary among different brands and manufacturers, but it typically includes protein, energy sources, amino acids, vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E, and B-complex), minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, and selenium), and additives (such as enzymes and probiotics).

Protein Content: Broiler concentrate 5% is typically formulated with a relatively high protein content to support the rapid growth and muscle development of broiler chickens. Protein is an essential nutrient for muscle and tissue development, and it helps broilers achieve their target body weight in a shorter period.

Concentrated Form: The term “concentrate” in broiler concentrate 5% refers to the fact that it is a highly concentrated mixture of nutrients. This means that only a small proportion of broiler concentrate is required in the overall feed ration. It is usually mixed with other feed ingredients, such as grains, to create a complete feed that meets the nutritional requirements of broiler chickens.

Nutritional Balance: Broiler concentrate 5% is carefully formulated to provide a balanced combination of nutrients, ensuring that broiler chickens receive all the essential elements necessary for their health and growth. The formulation takes into account the specific nutritional needs of broilers at different stages of growth, from the starter to the finisher phase.

Feed Efficiency: The use of a broiler concentrate of 5% in broiler diets can help improve feed efficiency. The concentrated form allows for precise nutrient supplementation, optimizing the utilization of feed by broilers. This can result in improved weight gain, better feed conversion ratio, and overall cost-effectiveness in broiler production.

It’s important to note that broiler concentrates 5% is typically used as a part of a complete feed formulation and should be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and in conjunction with other feed ingredients to ensure a balanced diet for broiler chickens. Consulting with a poultry nutritionist or veterinarian is recommended to determine the appropriate feed formulation for your specific flock and production goals.

BW 5% Concentrate BW 5% Concentrate BW 5% Concentrate BW 5% Concentrate



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