Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer (Yaraliva Nitrabor Brand) – 25kg
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Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer (Yaraliva Nitrabor Brand) – 25kg


Yara Liva NITRABOR (15.4% N + 25.9% CaO + 0.3% B) is an agricultural grade calcium nitrate fertilizer, with added boron suitable for field application to all crops especially vegetables which are more prone to calcium and boron deficiency.

This formulation offers a wide range of benefits to high-value crops that have a requirement for extra boron and where soils are low in boron. It is highly soluble in water and especially suited to give quality benefits to vegetables, including potatoes. Yara Liva Nitrabor contains a unique combination of nitrate, calcium, and boron.

Product Features

  • Product Size: 25kg
  • Fertilizer Composition: 15.4% Nitrogen + 25.9% CaO + 0.3% Boron
Calcium Nitrate Nitrabor


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Calcium Nitrate (Yaraliva Nitrabor Brand) – 25kg

Calcium Nitrate (Yaraliva Nitrabor Brand) 25kg is unique agricultural-grade calcium nitrate, with additional boron for responsive crops. Yara Liva NITRABOR is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately when placed by hand or by machine (up to 24 meters). It is especially suited to give quality benefits to vegetables, including potatoes. Yara Liva Nitrabor contains a unique combination of nitrate, calcium, and boron.

Importance of Calcium in Plants

  • Calcium is generally vital for some plants to be able to produce seeds, and it also helps a plant to produce a better quality of fruit with a longer shelf life.
  • Calcium is an important element in the formation of plant cell walls, and the proper availability of calcium in a plant will help to ensure cell walls are strong, protecting the plant from diseases and stressors.
  • Even in good-quality soils, calcium availability will decrease over time, so using a balanced fertilizer with all the necessary nutrients is important.

Some plants are more prone to calcium deficiencies than others, such as tomato plants, which can suffer from calcium deficiency because of heat stress.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency:

  • If you have a plant with calcium deficiency, you may notice symptoms such as blossom end rot.
  • Flowers prematurely falling from the plant
  • Foliage curling inwards on itself.

Characteristic Features of Calcium Nitrate (Yaraliva Nitrabor Brand)

  • Calcium Nitrate (Yaraliva Nitrabor Brand) is a free-flowing material with a unique coating for dry-applied uses.
  • Its hygroscopic nature means that it readily dissolves when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or a night dew.
  • Nitrabor provides fast-acting nitrate-N alongside strength-building calcium and boron.
  • Immediately available, the nitrate-nitrogen is quickly taken up by the plants and triggers a fast growth response.
  • The Nitrate – N is not fixed in the soil and stays available to the crop. It increases the uptake of cations like potassium, calcium, and magnesium and supports fast and healthy growth.
  • Yara Liva Nitrabor also provides 100% soluble calcium. Soluble calcium is essential for cell wall resistance and improving quality and shelf life as well as increasing the proportion of marketable produce. Calcium contributes to improving plants’ resistance to pests and diseases. It promotes a good soil structure, a prerequisite for healthy rooting, and higher yields.
  • Essential for flowering, and fruit set and to sustain strong rooting; it improves the uptake of calcium thereby promoting healthy tissues and high crop quality.
  • Great for both Pre-emergence and post-emergence

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