Complete Maize Farming Pack for one acre

Complete Maize Farming Pack for one acre


Introducing our premium Maize Pack – the perfect solution for farmers who want to cultivate a successful maize farm. Our Maize Pack includes everything you need to achieve maximum yields and profits, including high-quality seed varieties, specialized fertilizers, and crop protection products.


Eight packs of maize seeds,

Three 50kg bags of NPK fertilizer,

Two bags of urea,

Ten packs of caterpillar force,

Two liters of forceup,

One 1kg of atraforce

One 16 liters knapsack sprayer.

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Introducing our complete maize farming solution – the ultimate package for smallholder farmers looking to cultivate a successful maize farm. Our package includes everything you need to get started, from high-quality seed varieties to specialized fertilizers and crop protection products.

With 8 packs of Seedco 510 maize seeds, you can choose from a variety of top-performing maize types, each selected for its unique qualities and suitability for specific growing conditions. Our fertilizers, including three 50kg bags of NPK and two bags of urea, are specially formulated to provide the optimal balance of nutrients for healthy growth and maximum yields.

Our crop protection products are second to none, with 10 packs of Caterpillar Force, 2 liters of Forceup, and 1kg of Atraforce. These powerful products are designed to protect your crop from pests and disease, ensuring a healthy, robust harvest.

To make application easy and efficient, we’ve also included a high-quality 16-liter knapsack sprayer. With its comfortable straps and adjustable nozzle, you can apply our products quickly and easily, ensuring thorough coverage for maximum efficacy.

Maize farmers in Nigeria can improve their profitability by adopting best practices such as timely planting, proper soil preparation, and the use of improved seed varieties and fertilizers. Farmers can also explore value-additional opportunities such as processing and packaging of maize products for better prices.

Choose our complete corn farming solution for a stress-free and successful maize harvest. Our top-quality seed varieties, fertilizers, and crop protection products are designed to help you achieve your farming goals and maximize your profits.

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