Drip Tapes for Irrigation (2000m)
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Drip Tapes for Irrigation (2000m)

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Original price was: ₦110,000.Current price is: ₦100,000.

Product and Specification Features

  • Thickness: 0.02mm
  • Spacing: 30cm
  • Length: 2000m
  • With a new type of emitter design, excellent emission uniformity, and anti-clogging property.
  • Made by 100% virgin PE raw material and advanced production technology, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and durability.
  • Extruded with Emitter inside, lightweight and packed by the roll, good for transportation.
  • Economic drip tape, suitable for large farm application.

Original price was: ₦110,000.Current price is: ₦100,000.

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Drip tapes are an accessory choice used in the drip irrigation system. It is a good choice for farmers who want to grow their crops all year round. It is economical and effective for watering long, straight-row crops. You can use drip tape above ground, mulched, or buried.

With drought affecting more and more areas of the country, a water-efficient, economical method of watering row crops is essential. Drip Tape is an excellent product for use in agricultural irrigation for both commercial and subsistence farming.


The drip tape for irrigation pipe is a kind of special pipe used for drip irrigation. It is inlaid with a flat emitter in the internal wall of the pipe. It is mostly used in the irrigation of greenhouses and farmland for growing field plants and crops.

Feature of the Drip Tape

  • Drip lateral tape is a seamless tube.
  • Manufactured from special grade virgin poly ethylene mixture.
  • The tape is flexible and makes it convenient for coiling and recoiling.
  • It is recommended for closely spaced crops.
  • Suitable for above-ground laying.
  • The drip tape is flat in shape and eventually takes a round shape when water flows through the tube.
  • Wall thickness – 250 microns
  • The maximum operating pressure is 1 kg/cm.
  • The outer diameter is 14.6 mm, with all 16 mm lateral fittings available to be used.

Benefits of Using Drip Irrigation Tapes:

  • It helps to save water.
  • It also eases stress and saves labor costs.
  • It prevents soil salinization.
  • It also provides enough water needed for plants and crops to achieve optimum yield.
  • It brings water directly to the plant root, which makes the crop grow energy for root, stem, and fruit development.
  • Prevents the growth of weeds that grow when the soil away from the plant is irrigated.
  • It makes work easy and efficient, as the soil does not turn into mud.
  • Applying Fertilizer in water (Fertigation) is very effective while using a drip irrigation system. It directly reaches the plant and fertilizer consumption is reduced.
  • There is minimum clogging due to the specially designed droppers.
  • It is very easy to pick up, store, and reinstall.

How to choose the distance of the drip tapes?

The system solution is a very suitable solution for irrigation, especially at this time of unpredicted weather conditions that affect seasonal crops such as melons, watermelons, vegetables, strawberries, and corn. In this type of drip irrigation hoses, the drippers are glued directly to the walls of the hoses.

Application of drip irrigation tape according to the distance between the drippers.

  • 10sm-15sm – Can be used in nearby crops, on sandy soils, or where a high flow rate is needed.
  • 20sm – Can be used for moderate soils with an average distance between the plants.
  • 30sm – Can be used for widely planted crops.
  • 40sm – Can be used for heavy soils and long watering lines.


With a new type of emitter design, excellent emission uniformity and anti-clogging properties.

  • Made of 100% virgin PE raw material and advanced production technology, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and durability.
  • Extruded with emitter inside, lightweight and packed by roll, good for transportation.
  • Economic drip tape, suitable for large farm applications.
  • Made with 100% virgin Polyethylene, ensure product quality.
  • The actual meter of one roll is produced longer than the label stated.
  • No breakage for every roll, good for it laying out by machinery.
  • Safe cohesion of flat emitter.

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Drip Tape Size

2500m, 2000m, 1500meters, 1000m, 500m

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    Good but the deployment still requires other fittings

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    Very good service delivery

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