Pig Nipple Drinker (Pack of 5 Pieces)
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Pig Nipple Drinker (Pack of 5 Pieces)

Original price was: ₦9,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

Pig nipple drinkers are a cost-effective solution for clean drinking water and reducing contamination. To minimize water losses, the right height is important. When drinking, the pig’s head should be inclined upwards so that the water flows directly into the pig’s mouth. This is why the nipples are placed at different heights in piglet rearing and finishing.

Product Features

  • There are 5 nipples in a pack.
    • It is galvanized steel material.
    • Suitable for small and matured pigs.
    • Reduce water wastage.
    • 1 nipple for a maximum of 3 pigs.
    • High flow rates.
Pig Nipple Drinker (Pack of 5 Pieces)

Original price was: ₦9,000.Current price is: ₦7,500.

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Pig Nipple Drinker (Pack of 5 Pieces)

Pig nipple drinker is a convenient and hygienic way of watering pigs. It helps reduces disease incidence and transfer which would normally occur when pigs drink contaminated water. It is highly recommended to innovative pig farmers who are committed to hygienic pig production and reduction in the quantity of water used in pig production. Pig nipples are suitable for different sizes of pigs, from weaners to matured ones.

Nipple drinking is a modern way to serve water to chickens without having to carry water around in buckets. The nipple drinking system is fully automated and is probably the most widely used chicken drinking system used by modern poultry farmers. There are different variants of nipple drinkers.

How the product works

When the pigs wish to drink, they hold the drinker in their mouth and bite the valve rod to let water flow through the gap between the valve plug and seal ring. When the pig stops biting, the return spring will pull back the valve rod, which will cut and seal the water flow. This product has a good seal performance and slow water flow. They are convenient for pigs to drink.

How to install Pig nipple drinker

The installation angle is usually horizontal, and the terrain clearance depends on the pig weight. It is usually recommended that the nipple drinker should be installed in the defecation area which is away from the pig’s resting area. The drinker’s component should be changed timely if there is any malfunction.

Benefits of Pig nipple drinker

  • Pig nipple drinker makes it easy to serve water to pigs.
  • It helps in saving additional space thereby accommodating more pigs.
  • Precise dispensing for all flow rates.
  • The product eases the management of pigs within a pen.
  • Its long service life and high operational safety are due to the use of high-quality materials (low sensitivity to a broad range of chemicals) when cleaned regularly.
  • If well-handled, it  reduces the incidence of rapid wet litter
  • Pig nipple drinker makes watering operation faster.
  • It is durable as it is made with stainless steel.

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