Pig Sow Feeder with Nipple Drinker

Pig Sow Feeder with Nipple Drinker

Features of Sow Feeder with Nipple Drinker

1 mash feeder for 6 sows

1 feeding place

Nipple drinker in trough

Sows mix the feed with water themselves

Suitable for mash and pelletized feed

No feed wastage

Mounted to the wall or just placed on concrete floor



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Pig Sow Feeder with Nipple Drinker is modern piggery equipment designed with a regulating trigger mechanism that promotes feed intake in sow by making feed available both day and night. The financial success of a pig farmer is closely linked to the sow’s welfare.  The welfare of sows Ad-libitum feeding is the best and most cost-effective feeding method to ensure that both piglet and sow consume enough nutrients thus ensuring the healthy condition of the sow throughout the lactation period.

Pig sow feeder plays an important role in sow management. The welfare of sows and the farmer’s economic success are closely connected to e.g. fresh drinking water, feed lines that are free of deposits, and clean air in the barn.

Our Sow feeder is designed to provide ready access to fresh feed, to ensure your lactating sows are productive and healthy, which also translates to robust piglets.

Big Dutchman Sow Feeders are durable and easy to clean. Our sow feeders feature fully welded 100%. This means feeders can stand up to the rigors of sows, and resist damage and corrosion. All have hemmed edges to prevent injuries and a quick-release

Advantages of Pig Sow Feeder with Nipple Drinker

  • It increases the feed and water intake of the sow by making it available all around the clock.
  • Eradicate  feed and water wastage
  • It saves time and labor because cleaning feeders is not necessary
  • It encourages easy monitoring of sows during the feeding process and reduces the incidence of food contamination.
  • It facilitates group feeding of sows thus, improving their feed intake
  • It is suitable for mash and pelletized feed
  • Enable sow access to an adequate amount of feed
  • It facilitates improved milk production by promoting feed intake in lactating sows.
  • Sow leaves farrowing in good condition and ready to be rebred
  • It ensures a high level of hygiene that enhances the health of your animals.
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