Piquante Red F1 | Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds – 5g

Piquante Red F1 | Habanero Hot Pepper Seeds – 5g

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Habanero chillies are super hot and preferred by the Nigerian market especially. It is also used by processors and sauce makers because of its high hot taste, aroma and excellent flavour. The fruits are bigger and bright red when mature and light green when immature.


  • The fruits are bigger and bright Red when mature
  • Fruit weighs up to 10-12 g per fruit and 4.3-4.5cm fruit length.
  • It has strong plant vigour and adapted to tropical lowland wet and dry seasons.
  • Packaging Weight: 5g (500 seeds).
  • It is a hybrid seed.
  • Specie: Habanero red pepper (Ata Rodo)
  • Maturity: 75-80 days.
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Piquante Red F1
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Piquante Red F1 Habanero hot pepper hybrid variety seed commonly known as (Ata Rodo) is a product of the East-West Seed International. It is a highly nutritious product with an attractive aromatic taste.

Piquante F1 hybrid hot pepper shows strong plant vigour and a high fruit set. The seeds produce hot red pepper fruits and their shapes are slightly rectangular and highly uniform.  The immature fruit is shiny bright green in colour and turns into deep bright red when fully mature. Its pungency is high with an attractive aromatic taste.

Characteristics of the Piquante F1 Red Pepper
The Piquante F1 has a maturity span of between 75 to 80 days
The plant’s vigour is moderate.
The fruit matures to an oblong-like shape
The fruit matures to a length of between 4.3-4.5cm with 2.5-3.0cm in diameter.
Its colour at immaturity is Green while when mature it turns to deep bright Red colour.
It has a thick wall with a high pungency and strong aromatic taste, which makes it very productive.
It is highly resistant to Tm and Cmv (cucumber Mosaic Virus).

Health Benefits of Eating Hot Peppers
Hot peppers are beneficial against ulcers.
They serve as anti-irritants to the alimentary tract.
Hot peppers aid digestive issues such as healing an upset stomach, reducing intestinal gas, curing diarrhoea and acting as a natural remedy for cramps.
It also enhances the circulatory system and prevents heart disease. Consumption of hot peppers can also lead to dilatation of blood vessels to aid in blood flow.
It can also mitigate migraines and lessen body pains.
It helps improve metabolism and aids weight loss.
Hot pepper also fights against cancers.
It also serves as a disinfectant to bad breathe out, improving the odour of your breath.


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