Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer | 5Litres
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Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer | 5Litres

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Super Gro agricultural bio-fertilizer is a liquid multi-purpose agricultural surfactant specifically formulated to work with all forms of modern crop treatments and application equipment.

Product features

  • It increases crop growth in less time.
  • Super Gro agricultural liquid fertilizer helps protects crops from diseases.
  • Boosts crops yield for profits.
  • It helps protect crops/plants from diseases.
  • It increases crops/plants life span.
  • It is safe and easy to use; non-toxic and contains no abrasive or hazardous ingredients.

Package size: 5L

Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer

Original price was: ₦21,000.Current price is: ₦20,000.

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Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer is a natural type of fertilizer. It was produced in order to ensure the enhancement of crops and agricultural productivity both in quality and quantity. It is a natural fertilizer that will increase your agricultural yield by more than three times what you would get from synthetic or chemical fertilizer. Super Gro helps make water “wetter” by reducing its surface tension. It may seem contradictory, but water does not always “wet” very well except when Super Gro is added. Often it tends to bead up on the waxy surfaces of plants, crops, lawns, and gardens. And before it has a chance to penetrate, it runs off or evaporates. Super Gro helps conserve water. It tends to increase the rate at which water penetrates common soils.

It helps reduce the water’s surface tension, making “water wetter”, and boosting its ability to deliver life-sustaining moisture deeper into the plant root systems.

This not only brings water to where it’s needed but reduces water loss to evaporation and run-off. More water reaches the plant roots and stays there longer, supporting better growth, and faster time to maturity and harvest.

The fertilizer is one of the most wonderful natural liquid fertilizers ever produced for agro-industry. It is meant for the purpose of growing crops and plants in order to add much value to them. This is to ensure that agricultural productivity is enhanced both in quality and quantity. It being natural in essence means that it is devoid of chemical input which makes it different from the conventional chemical fertilizers that we all know. Because crops and plants depend so much on water, super-gro is meant to improve the quality and quantity of water required by these crops and plants for wonderful growth and production by adding the essential nutrients they require for that purpose and this is one of the advantages super-gro has over other chemical fertilizer. Super-gro helps you make the most use of water, water is one of the fundamentals of life itself.

Mineral content of Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer

Nitrogen (N) 72g per litre (Macro)
• Phosphorus (P) 45g per litre (Macro)
• Potassium (K) 30g per litre (Macro)
• Sulphur (S) 15g per litre (Macro)
• Calcium (CA) 9g per litre (Macro)
• Magnesium (MG) 7g per litre (Macro)
• Iron (FE) 5mg per litre (Micro)
• Iodine (IoD) 3mg per litre (Micro)
• Marine Salt (MS) 1mg per litre (Micro)
• Zinc (Zn) 1mg per litre (Micro)

Benefits of Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer

  • Super Gro is a natural liquid fertilizer that improves crops/plant yield.
  • It is compatible and thus improves the performance of agricultural aids.
  • Improves the rate at which water penetrates the soil and stimulates growth.
  • It is versatile and multi-purpose. It can be applied to any plant/crop and under any climatic condition.
  • It helps the crops/plants to be greener and more healthy-looking.
  • It enables farmers to save a lot of time – a minimum portion of land produces maximum output (maximum yield).
  • Super Gro liquid organic fertilizer being natural does not have chemicals that could leave any harmful residue on the soil.
  • It helps increase soil penetration and retention.
  • The fertilizer is biodegradable meaning it leaves no harmful residue on the products of the crops and plants.

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3 reviews for Super Gro Organic Bio-Fertilizer | 5Litres
  • Anonymous

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    5 out of 5

    Super gro product is very effective

  • Kehinde Oluwasegun

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    5 out of 5

    It has been so wonderful dealing with Farmsquare. Their delivery has been on time when needed urgently. Keep the good work up.

  • Aderinola A.

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    5 out of 5

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