TermiFos 20 Insecticide

TermiFos 20 Insecticide


The TermiFos 20 insecticide is very efficient for the control of a wide range of insect pests on fruit, vegetables, oilseeds, cotton to a depth of 10 -20 cm.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: TermiFos
  • Form: Liquid
  • Usage/Application: Agriculture
  • Packaging Type/size: 1 L Bottle
  • Dosage: 1200-5000 ML/h
  • Active Ingredients: Chlorpyrifos 20% EC
  • Formulation: 200g/l of Chlorpyrifos as Emulsifiable Concentrate
  • Mode of Action: Non-Systemic with contact, stomach & respiratory action.
  • Package size: 1Litre/12 pieces in a carton
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TermiFos 20 Insecticide (1L)
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Termifos 20 Insecticide contains an active ingredient of Chlorpyrifos 20% EC. It is a broad-spectrum, non-systemic
organophosphorus insecticide with a contact and stomach mode of
action. It is used to control most agricultural pests including
coleopteran, dipteral, Homoptera, and Lepidoptera pests on crops like cocoa, citrus fruit, nuts, berries, vegetables, potatoes, tobacco,
soybeans, sunflowers, rice, cotton, maize, sorghum, glasshouse
crops, and ornamentals. It is widely used to control soil termifos and
other pests.

Application Rates on Crops

  • Cocoa/Fruit trees : 2 – 3 litres/ha
  • Maize : 2 – 3 litres/ha
  • Sugarcane : 5 – 8 litres/ha
  • Vegetables : 3 – 6 litres/ha
  • Termite control : 6 – 10 litres/ha

In general, dilute one part concentrate with 250 parts of water and
apply using knapsack Sprayer.

Safety Precautions:

  • Wear suitable protective gloves and face shield when handling.
  • When using, do not eat, drink, or smoke.
  • Do not apply where the roots of desirable plants can absorb the chemical to reduce the problem of contaminating water supplies.
  • Wash powder from skin and eyes immediately. Keep away from food, drink, and animal stuff.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Uses of TermiFos 20 Insecticide:

  • Terminator 20 EC exhibits a stomach, contact and fumigant activity.
  • Control of sucking, chewing & boring insects and various foliar Crop Pests in a wide range of crops like paddy, cotton, wheat, fruits, vegetables, Tea, Vines, Sugarcane, etc.
  • It is also recommended for Termite Control in the Crop field and has potential demand in building construction for Termite proofing.

Benefits of using TermiFos 20:

  • Being a broad spectrum affords control over all sucking, biting, chewing, and soil pests.
  • It also exhibits a termiticidal activity.
  • It exhibits synergistic action with Cypermethrin and Deriamethrin.
  • It has application versatility.
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