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Seedling Trays for Nursery

Seedling Trays for Nursery

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The right tools can make gardening much more simple and successful. One of the most important tools for gardeners interested in growing their own plants from seed is a seed starting tray. These are simple, yet important tools that help improve productivity, enhance growth, and generally make gardening easier.

A seed starting tray is exactly what it sounds like – a plastic tray with multiple small “cups” designed to hold seedlings. To use it, a gardener simply fills the tray’s cups with their preferred seed starting mix, and then plants seeds according to the instructions on the package (or their preferred experience). After planting the seeds, water is added, and the seed starting tray can be placed in a warm, well-lit place to await growth.

There are many advantages to using a seed starting tray over other options, such as planting in larger containers. For one, each cup can contain just one or two seedlings, making transplanting simpler as they mature. Another benefit is that these trays are specially designed to improve water drainage, ensuring healthier plants overall.

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Choose an option
Seedling Trays for Nursery – Holes: 104
Thickness: 1mm; No. Cells: 104, Colour: Black: Material: Plastic
Seedling Trays for Nursery – Holes: 128
Thickness: 1mm; No. Cells: 128, Colour: Black: Material: Plastic
Seedling Trays for Nursery – Holes: 200
Thickness: 1mm; No. Cells: 200, Colour: Black: Material: Plastic
Seedling Trays for Nursery
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Seedling Trays for Nursery starts off high value crop production. Our sanitized trays and coco peat are free of any pest and disease, and they save the farmer any crop establishment delay occasioned by transplanting shock.

Advantages of our seedling trays

  • High quality standard, does not break easily
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be reused and safe time in the nursery.
  • Strong and durable

Applications/ uses of Seedling Trays for Nursery:

  • Ideal for raising seedlings and Transplanting Seedling.
  • Suitable for both manual and automatic planting.
  • Suitable for growing vegetables like tomato, pepper and other plant from seed in green-house or indoors.
  • High-quality and durable. Made with heavy-duty plastic, BPA-free plastic flat trays.

104, 128, 200

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    The price is on the high side

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