5 Things Nigerian Farmers Need To Know Before Buying A Tractor

Nigerian farmers should know that Agriculture is a business and should be treated as such, they should learn to make informed decisions and cut down on unnecessary cost, until then can they start recording maximum profits from their investments. One of such ways is their choices of buying a tractor. Most times farmers buy tractors that are either too sophisticated or inadequate for their day to day farm activities.

Listed below are few points to consider before you buy a new or used tractor.

1. How much does it cost: Most of the time farmers only consider the initial cost of a tractor, but they really need to consider the total package, what the tractor will ­ultimately cost in the long run, like life of warranty; expected life and cost of operational parts, fuel consumption, resale value etc. With today’s price of diesel, fuel consumption is more important than it was in the past if one tractor model costs a little less but burns 20 percent more diesel, it doesn’t take too long before the difference is made up from your annual fuel bill. Cost of the unit must be considered over the useful life of the tractor. “Paying a little more up-front for a machine that will last longer will save you money in the long run.

2. How easy is it to operate? Do you need an automatic-like transmission, or are you fine with clutching and shifting? This is one of the questions you need to answer before u choose the type of tractors to buy. Poor handling of tractors is one of the major causes of damage to your tractor.

3. What kind of support can the dealer provide: Service after the sale is important, as well as the number of parts that the dealer stocks, the proximity of the dealer to the customer, and the experience level and training of employees.

4. What is the size of your farm, and the level of operation on your farm: These can include yard and/or field mowing, garden tilling, material moving, grading, etc. What is the priority of the tasks in which you wish to engage? For instance, is road grading more important than field mowing? Determining priorities will help whittle down your initial implement purchase list. It will also help your dealer make recommendations on horsepower range, whether you need 4-wheel drive and hydraulic capacity etc.

5. What’s the general reputation of the brand: consider that warranty terms aren’t always an indication of quality. In other words, brands with a longer warranty may not offer the most reliable equipment.


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