Nigeria’s Economic Sustainability Requires We Return To Agriculture – FG
Nigeria's Economic Sustainability Requires We Return To Agriculture

Nigeria’s Economic Sustainability Requires We Return To Agriculture.

Nigerians must return to agriculture, according to President Muhammadu Buhari, if the country is to become self-sufficient.

Buhari recently stated on national television that agriculture, if properly managed, could support the Nigerian economy.

Despite the fact that insecurity poses a severe threat to agriculture, he believes Nigerian youths should be encouraged to pursue it.

“Right now, only 2.5 percent of our arable land is being used, and we need to use our huge arable land to generate food for Nigerians and other people around the world.” Nigerians were able to grow rice that can now feed Nigerians, and we can even export rice to other countries of the world, after we just closed our borders to foreign rice importation,” Buhari remarked.


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Buhari clarified his pick of Dr. Doyin Salami as his Chief Economic Adviser, saying that Salami was chosen because he has demonstrated to members of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) that he has ideas on how to grow the Nigerian economy.

“We could have built our economy to a greater level than it is currently if we had invested heavily in agricultural several years ago.” So Salami’s selection is appropriate since he has a greater understanding of the Nigerian economy and, despite his lack of academic credentials, he is akin to a professor of economics. I have to nominate him to that post because I believe in him and his judgment. Nigeria requires him because he is patriotic and dedicated, according to Buhari.

He stated that he wants to leave Nigerians with a free economy free of smuggling and becoming a dumping ground for developed countries across the world, and that he has a responsibility to defend Nigeria’s economy. To achieve this, Buhari stated that Nigerians must begin to create jobs and use technology to propel the country’s economy forward.

Buhari, who expressed displeasure with the country’s electrical supply, stated that no country can survive without proper infrastructure put in place by the government.


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He clarified his administration’s involvement in Chinese loans, stating that the funds will be utilized to improve Nigeria’s road and railway infrastructure. His administration, he claims, has made progress in road and railway infrastructure thanks to Chinese loans. Buhari stated that the Chinese loan is welcome at any time because it benefits Nigeria.

On promises to lift 10 million Nigerians out of poverty, Buhari said progress was being made, but he emphasized the importance of Nigerian youngsters embracing agriculture, which he said was a sure method to lift Nigerians out of poverty. He regretted, however, that Nigeria has land ownership concerns in the south, which he claimed had become a hurdle to agriculture in the country. He said, however, that the northern section of the country does not have the same difficulties because land in the northern part of the country belongs to the federal government.

Buhari said he knew the challenges and pains that Nigerians are experiencing, to the point where the majority of them are unable to feed themselves, but he urged that Nigerians must embrace agriculture to alleviate their sufferings and pains.

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