Digital Farming: Overcoming Nigeria’s Growing Food Insecurity
Digital Farming Overcoming Nigeria's Growing Food Insecurity

Overcoming Nigeria’s Food Insecurity…

Due to the challenges posed by deteriorating uncertainty in the country (especially in agriculture), stakeholders have developed a range of digital solutions to ensure food security and reduce the impact of insecurity in the agricultural sector.

According to the interested parties, the measure is to reduce the loss of income due to insecurity, especially in the field of agricultural land, and to avoid yet another food crisis for the population.

Adewale Adegoke, agronomist and CEO of Agroxchange Technology, explained that digital agriculture stakeholders are very concerned about the adverse effects of deteriorating economic uncertainty, especially agriculture, and pointed out that digital plans are solutions for the number of smallholder farmers’ returns on investment and reduces overhead costs.

Adegoke explained that data collected on farms under the Smart Agriculture program is basic data that can influence government agricultural policy, and that technological innovation is becoming a panacea for dealing with insecurity in the agricultural sector.

The head of Agroxchange Technology said, “That was why we’ve been working with university and academic teams to develop these methods to support the government’s integration of technology into agricultural policy.” According to him, “one of the most important ways to limit the ideal supply of food security in Nigeria is that we use a variety of digital solutions incorporated into the Smart Agriculture Procurement Center’s innovative suite of services.


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‘With this method, we offer tailor-made democratization services and choose a top-down approach to improve and adjust the expected impact on farmers’ livelihoods.

So we basically look at it from the perspective of spreading warnings to farmers. “We hope to solve these problems in our agricultural sector, including the country’s current uncertainty.

“This limits the capacity of the farmers who go to the farm. They are afraid of being attacked”. “Now we are exploring how to solve this problem and how we can ensure that we can continue to optimize production as we consider solving the insecurity in Nigeria.”

We decided to acquire and adopt local smart agricultural consulting centers and extension services in farming communities in smart rural areas.” Safety includes working with local regulatory agencies, which means we can increase the confidence of farmers and other existing or new farmers.


Overcoming Nigeria’s Food Insecurity…

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