Price Of Local Rice Would Shortly Rise – Rice Producers
Price Of Local Rice Would Shortly Rise - Rice Producers

Price Of Local Rice…

As rice farmers criticize the high cost of production, there are signs that the price of local rice may rise in Rivers State.

The yuletide will be here in a few weeks.

Akandu Godwin, the Rivers State Chairman of the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, made the indication in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, lamenting the government’s alleged neglect of rice farmers.


He bemoaned the lack of mechanized rice farming equipment, which he claimed has made rice production extremely difficult.

“Rice producers’ biggest restraint is a lack of government help,” he claims. You are aware that Rivers State has a large number of virgin areas, and that in order to begin cultivating these fields, heavy equipment such as Caterpillar and Bulldozer is required.


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“Tractors are also needed because we are now talking about commercialization of agriculture rather than peasant farming, but one of the issues is that these tractors are rarely seen.”


“It will, for example, when individuals have hectares of land and you want them to continue with manual labor, it would not be possible, and they may not provide you enough of what you anticipate,” Akandu said when asked if the constraint will effect rice prices.

Also speaking, Oshimini Micheal, the state chairman of the Rice Millers Association, revealed that they mill their products as far as Bayelsa and Ebonyi States, which adds costs.”

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