Calcium Nitrate fertilizer (Van Iperen Brand)
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Calcium Nitrate fertilizer (Van Iperen Brand)

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The Calcium Nitrate fertilizer from Van Iperen is a highly pure Calcium fertilizer with a very low amount of ammonium which dissolves rapidly and completely. This fertilizer contains nitrogen which is a vital element for photosynthesis and plants’ amino acids. Without nitrogen, plants cannot process sunlight into sugars for growth.

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  • Packing size: 25kg
  • Nutrient Composition: Nitrogen and Calcium

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The Calcium Nitrate fertilizer from Van Iperen is a highly pure Calcium fertilizer that dissolves rapidly and completely. The high level of Calcium improves the strength of cell walls during active cell division stages. The presence of Nitrogen has a positive effect on the uptake of Calcium in the plant.

Calcium Nitrate is a good source of both Calcium and Nitrate. Nitrate is the only Nitrogen source that has a synergistic effect on Calcium and improves its uptake. Therewith Calcium Nitrate supports the plant in the development of strong cell walls, which leads to an improved fruit quality as well as shelf-life. Finally, it reduces blossom end rot in crops like tomatoes and pepper, as well as leaf tip burn in leafy crops. Van Iperen calcium nitrate allows plants to produce larger fruit.

Van Iperen calcium nitrate due to the presence of calcium in it will provide structural strength to plants’ cell walls. This element also kicks in to help repair plants when they become injured or stressed. The plant’s vascular system will push calcium to the injured area to reinforce it and begin to repair the damage.

How to apply Van Iperen calcium nitrate

To mix your own calcium nitrate fertilizer for the treatment of diseased plants, add four tablespoons of calcium nitrate salts to one gallon of water, and mix. To use calcium nitrate fertilizer as a disease preventative, or to balance out the nutrient levels in your plants, use one tablespoon of calcium nitrate to each gallon of water.

For granular calcium nitrate fertilizer, you can mix it into the soil. Alternatively, you may mix your granular calcium nitrate with water to feed your plants through root uptake or a foliar spray.

Agricultural uses of Van Iperen Calcium Nitrate fertigation Grade

  • Van Iperen calcium nitrate is low on Sodium and Chloride.
  • This fertilizer helps to improve fruit quality and shelf life.
  • Highly concentrated to reduce the amount of product applied.
  • Van Iperen calcium nitrate is developed for fertigation in greenhouses and for foliar application.
  • Calcium nitrate fertilizer can be used to prevent a calcium deficiency or replenish a plant’s calcium levels. The boost in calcium it provides helps improve leaf strength, fruit, and roots.

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