California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seed (Jubaili Brand)

California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seed (Jubaili Brand)

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The California Wonder pepper is a bell pepper variety from Jubaili. It is a variety that is widely adapted that produces very sturdy frames that are easy to grow and produces well-formed, juicy, crunchy, large pepper fruits. This pepper variety is very popular, and much preferred by many commercial farmers and home gardners.

Product Features:

  • Seed type: Open-pollinated
  • Packaging size: 10g/25g
  • Fruit size: 3-4 inches
  • Edible type: Vegetable
  • Sunlight: about 6 hours
  • Spacing: 12 – 15″ (30 – 38cm)
  • Seed rate: 1 – 1.5
  • Maturity days: 75 days (after transplanting)
  • Average yield: 15 – 20 t/ha.
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California Pepper
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California Wonder Sweet Pepper Seed

California Wonder by Jubaili seeds is an open-pollinated variety of sweet pepper seeds. It produces well-formed, juicy, crunchy, large pepper fruits that are rich in vitamins such as vitamins C and A. The fruit is delicious for snacking, salads, sautéing, stuffing, or other delicious uses.

Importance of California Wonder

  • Matures early(Matures to about 75 days after planting).
  • Produces large fleshy fruit of 12cm length and 9cm diameter
  • It is a green to red pepper seed and it’s sweeter when red.
  • Possess good storability capacity.

Benefits of California Wonder

  • vitamin C present in bell pepper helps in;
  • producing collagen in the body, which is essential for healing wounds and forming connective tissue
  • protein metabolism
  • supporting the immune system
  • increasing the absorption of non-heme iron (the form found in plants)
  • It also contains carotenoids with powerful antioxidant capacity, neutralizing free radicals and decreasing the risk of cancer and other diseases associated with oxidative stress

How to Grow California Wonder

Nursery stage of planting:

  • Prepare a nursery bed of 1m length by 15cm
  • Loosen up the soil to about 18 inches depth
  • Apply manure (goat, cow, or pig dung)
  • Plant the seed at about 3-4cm in depth to facilitate faster and uniform germination.
  • It is recommended that seedlings are raised in the nursery for 6-8weeks before it is transplanted to the field.

Nursery precautions:

  • Chicken manure is not recommended for use in the nursery because it has high levels of nitrogen that inhibit proper roots formation and establishment. Chicken manure is ideal for use at the top dressing stage.
  • Seedlings can be transplanted into smaller poly bags, 2 weeks after germination and later transplanted into the main field, 4 -6 weeks later and this reduces drastically the transplanting shock and allow faster establishment in the main field.
  • Drench nursery bed with insecticides to prevent early plant attacks by soil and sucking pests.
  • Watering in the nursery is best done early morning to mid-morning and not in the evening. Evening watering encourages phythium activities that cause dumping off.
  • The seeds can be sown in seedling trays filled with appropriate media (potting soil or cocopeat) instead of sowing into a raised bed.
  • Bell peppers do not grow well indoors because they need so much sun and heat.

Land Preparation:

  • Sweet pepper seeds are known to grow in many types of soil but for maximum production, they should be planted in deep soils to facilitate good root penetration. They are heavy nutrient extractors from the soil and thus require periodic replenishment through manure addition or artificial fertilizer but at the correct proportions in line with the requirements and soil deficit.

Land preparation precautions:

1. Ensure crop is grown in fertile land, use manure to enrich the soil with nutrients or apply base fertilizer rich in phosphorous at planting period such as N: P: K at 10gms per hole as a general application.

2. Confirm soil nutrient levels through soil analysis to help determine deficit elements.

Transplanting Stage:

  • It is recommended that transplanting is done early in the morning or late in the evening( it reduces the risk of transplanting shock arising from the seedling evapotranspiration)
  • The standard spacing for California Wonder is 60 x 60cm

Transplanting precautions:

1. Drench seedlings during transplanting with an insecticide to prevent early attack by aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and cutworms.

2. The pepper can be cultivated at a temperature of about 70 degrees.

3. In colder areas, it helps to warm the ground with black mulch material about a week before planting.

Fertilizer Requirement

  • Application of complete fertilizer(NPK) is recommended 3-4 weeks after transplanting at the rate of 10g per plant.
  • The Second split of fertilizer should be applied 2 – 3 weeks away from the first top-dress at the rate of 5 – 10 gms per plant depending on the soil fertility levels.
  • For long cycle growing crops in the greenhouse or in the shade net, spilt top-dressing should be applied after every three weeks as a general rule to ensure continuous production of quality marketable yields.
  • Foliar fertilizers can be used to supplement soil-applied fertilizer especially during periods of crop stress e.g. hot periods and during heavy rains that hamper proper nutrients update through the roots.

Consider also: Solanor F1 Sweet Hybrid Pepper seed and Hercules F1 Sweet Pepper Seed

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