Commercial Noiler Chicks (AMO BRAND)
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Commercial Noiler Chicks (AMO BRAND)

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  • Give antibiotics and vitamins for the first 5 days.
  • Make sure  they have enough access to feed and clean water daily.
  •  Vaccinate them regularly according to the schedules recommended.
  • Always give them multivitamins before or after vaccination.
  • After the first de-worming, make sure you de-worm them every month or as recommended by your veterinarian
  • Drugs can be given to them after the day of vaccination, but not on the day of vaccination


The price is not stable so prices changes everyweek you can contact us to give you update.

Before leaving the point of delivery, please count your birds while the driver is still there. Once you ensure the driver or delivery agent witnesses any loss, and you confirm this with us. you will be compensated once we confirm/corroborate the loss/inconsistency at delivery.

ALSO: Booking/Payment for Day Old Chicks (DOCs) with farmsquare is on Mondays and Thursdays before 11am. This is because of the fluctuations in price and the best prices for DOCs are known on Mondays and Thursdays. Always WhatsApp/Call any of 07049089805, 08133974376, 08135196537 for details.

Commercial Noiler Chicks (AMO BRAND)


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Commercial Noiler Chicks…

Noiler chick is also a  breed of chicken that is bred as a cross between broilers and cockerel. Hence, they develop a lot of meat like broiler chickens are very resistant to adverse conditions like cockerels, and are able to withstand most common poultry diseases. They are also similar to Kuroiler. This particular breed was developed in Nigeria by Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery, popularly known as Amo Hatchery.

Why are Kuroiler / Noiler Chickens special?

Many poultry farmers have reported that Noiler chickens are more accessible to raise and manage. They have an excellent survival rate that matches up with that of local chickens.  Kuroilers grow faster and have better egg-laying and meat production performance. They lay bigger eggs and eggs per annum are around 150-200 eggs.

They are rugged and can adapt to harsh conditions like local chickens. Research findings have shown that Noilers chicks produce more meat and have a body weight that doubles that of a local chicken. They mature early, 3-4 months but not like broilers that are market-ready at 6 weeks (2 months). Their average market weight could be between 2-3.5kg. Kuroiler chickens can scavenge for food and water just like indigenous or local chicken breeds do. So farmers may not need to confine them in a place or manage them under an intensive system. They are not expensive i.e. they are affordable chicken breeds and cheaper to maintain In terms of health, they have less susceptibility to diseases and lower maintenance levels.

Characteristics of Commercial Noiler Chicks

  • Appearance: Noilers come in various colours; black, white, yellowish, brown, and grey specks, and this makes them beautiful and well-camouflaged. All the same, you should expect to come across some rather ugly Noilers.
  • Growth rate: Noiler rearing is fast becoming very popular because these birds grow really fast. It gets interesting: they grow big and meaty without necessarily eating a lot of store-bought feeds. Even if you let them loose to free-range, This breed will soon convert food to meat and get heavier. Also, noiler feeds can be cheaply sourced; you can feed them kitchen leftovers and edibles like rice, yellow maize, Omena, chicken mash, soya, and worms. To make sure their growth rate stays sharp, you need to deworm and vaccinate your birds on time. By the fourth or fifth month, they attain a weight of three to four kilograms.
  • Noiler meat production – As earlier stated, Commercial Noiler Chicks produce meatier and sweeter-tasting meat in high amounts. They add meat and weight quickly and the farmer doesn’t have to churn out lots of money to ensure it. Another interesting thing to note about rearing Noiler is that they are even more disease-resistant than some exotic breeds. Their meat production remains high if you take good care of them and feed them properly. In about 12 weeks, noiler chicken will be matured enough for slaughtering- weighs 3.5kg or more at maturity. Noiler cocks have proven to weigh more than this. Compare this to a broiler breed that weighs only 2 to 2.5 kg at maturity. Noiler chickens are perfect alternatives. Also, meat is evenly distributed over the chicken’s body parts.
  • Egg production – Noiler layers should start laying eggs at five months old (some do this at four months). As soon as they begin their egg-laying session, it goes on for two years. Noiler eggs are extremely big and with dark-yellow yolk when compared with our local chicken. This yolk color of noiler eggs is associated with good health, explaining why the eggs command a good price in the market.
  • Hatching –If you want to raise new Commercial Noiler Chicks, you will face one challenge with the Noiler hen. She doesn’t sit on her eggs so they can hatch. As a result, you will require the service of a local hen, an incubator, or buy some readily hatched chicks. If incubated, about eighty percent of fertile noiler eggs will hatch. But, keep in mind that most of the eggs might get stale. Thus, the incubation machine is the ultimate solution.
  • Housing – Commercial Noiler Chicks can either be free-range birds or semi-free-range birds. If you have enough land space, the free-range method is almost perfect. However, make sure that you build a fenced chicken run to keep your birds safe. If you have a previous chicken cage that meets the poultry house construction standards, you can keep your birds inside. Otherwise, you should get a special semi-free-range rearing system that is suitable for compact spaces.
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7 reviews for Commercial Noiler Chicks (AMO BRAND)
  • makindetaiwo

    5 out of 5

    Delivered with no mortality

  • omololadrusilla

    5 out of 5

    They are growing very well, i lost one on arrival though and i showed the driver .

    • Farmsquare

      We will compensate you on your next order .

  • Kelvin Ayi

    (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    Same thing the birds were so very small

  • Nwaigwe Harrison Chinwendu

    (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    They bird are doing well expected one death, the remaining are all great

  • Orenusi Oriyomi Modinat

    (verified owner)

    1 out of 5

    I really enjoyed their service

  • Swatyum Joel B.

    (verified owner)

    4 out of 5

    Very strong birds

  • Anonymous

    (verified owner)

    4 out of 5

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