Complete Pack For Cucumber farming For a Plot ( Seeds, Fertilizer, Agrochemicals)

Complete Pack For Cucumber farming For a Plot ( Seeds, Fertilizer, Agrochemicals)


Farmsquare’s cucumber green start combo pack is a collection of all the necessary input you need to cultivate your cucumber farm from start to finish, we have helped you save cost and time, to ensure maximum profit.

This pack contains the following for one plot of cucumber farm:

  • Seven packs of Cucumber seeds.
  • One bag of NPK fertilizer
  • A bag of calcium Nitrate.
  • One pack of grand humus.
  • Two liters of pesticides.
  • One liter of Di- grow or 200ml cabrio duo
  • One pack or one pack zforce.
  • Twine (Bag)
  • Staking Net (2*100m)
  • Knapsack Sprayer (16ltrs)
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Cucumber farming in Nigeria is a lucrative and rewarding venture, especially when done with the right inputs. To start, you will need high-quality cucumber seeds, suitable farmland, and organic manure. Additionally, you may need to invest in irrigation systems, fertilizers, and pesticides to ensure the best yield.

With the right inputs, cucumber farming in Nigeria can yield a good return on investment, as there is a high demand for vegetables in local and international markets. Cucumbers are versatile and can be sold fresh or processed into pickles or other products.

If you’re looking to start cucumber farming in Nigeria, ensure that you have the right inputs and knowledge to grow healthy and productive crops. With hard work and dedication, you can reap the rewards of a successful cucumber farming business.

Take action today and explore the potential of cucumber farming in Nigeria.

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