Dwarf Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds (Maradona F1)

Dwarf Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds (Maradona F1)

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The Maradona F1 is a hybrid Pawpaw variety from East-West Seeds. It is a dwarf pawpaw variety with strong plant, and high setting ability. The fruit flesh is firm is thick, has a very sweet taste and a large fruit.

Product Features:

  • Maturity: 210 – 240 days after planting.
  • Flowering Habit: Dwarf
  • Color: Orange
  • Fruit flesh is firm, thick and has a very sweet taste.
  • Shape and Size: Uniform fruits of between 1.5-2kg in shape and size.
  • Intermediate resistance to PRSV and anthracnose.
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Dwarf Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds
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Dwarf Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds Maradona F1

The Maradona F1 Dwarf Pawpaw Seeds is produced from East-West Seeds international.

This pawpaw hybrid variety bred gradually common and becoming favourite amongst Nigerian farmers for very good reasons. For one, it is claimed to be resistant to the anthracnose and papaya ringspot diseases which are destructive diseases of pawpaw and many other fruit crops.

Another reason is that the fruits which are medium size (1 to 1.5 kg) have thick rind, hence has long shelf life and very good shipping quality. Moreover, it is also high-yielding and has red-orange flesh with an excellent sweet taste.

The Maradona is semi-dwarf so that harvesting is easy. Unlike the Maradona F1, the conventional varieties that the farmers plant were tall so that they had to use a ladder to harvest the fruits.

Characteristics of Dwarf Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds Maradona F1

  • The fruit setting ability is excellent.
  • It has very strong stems and firm flesh
  • The fruits grow uniformly in size and shape
  • The Maradona F1 fruits possess an orange colour at maturity, which makes it very attractive and sweet.
  • It is very susceptible to diseases such as Papaya Ring Spot Virus and anthracnose.

Planting Guide of Dwarf Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds Maradona F1

  • Get lukewarm water (water that is fairly warm by the sun ), pour the lukewarm water inside a coverable bottle container. Don’t warm the water by stove or gas fire. In cases where there is no sunlight, you can use normal water.
  • Pour the seeds inside the container and cover it overnight
  • The following day, remove the water and plant the seeds in a nursery bag one each at a depth of about 1cm inside in the soil.
  • Place the nursery under a shade.
  • Water little by little every 2days
  • Watering should not be too much, only add water sufficient to moisture the soil.
  • It takes about 5 to 8 days for the seeds to start germinating.
  • After germination, leave them in that position for like 3 to 4 weeks before transplanting to the main farm.
  • Plant at a distance of 2m x 2m spacing intervals both row and column.
  • You can start applying manure and fertilizers after 1week of transplanting.
  • By 5th month, you should start seeing fruits.

Land management

  • Site the orchard on a well-drained soil. Although loamy sand is preferred, pawpaw can tolerate a wide range of soils provided it is not waterlogged.
  • Plough and harrow the farm site and plant the seedlings to be transplanted in holes of 15 cm—20 cm deep and 2 x 2 m spacing.
  • In large planting areas, after planting 10 rows, leave a corridor of 4m to allow movement of equipment.
  • Transplant the seedlings when the rains have stabilized.
  • Homestead plants set fruit 3 months after transplanting and ripening starts 8 months after transplanting and lasts 3 months. Harvest fruit at “Blush” stage and avoid bruising. About 40—70 t/ha can be obtained since yield declines after second harvest.
  • Plants should be cut down after 3 years, a break crop can be planted before the old trees are cut down on the same site and used
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