Seedco Maize Hybrid Seeds | SC 510 | 2kg | High-Yielding
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Seedco Maize Hybrid Seeds | SC 510 | 2kg | High-Yielding

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The SC 510 yellow variety maize from Seedco is a hybrid early maturing crop. This variety is embedded with Vitamin A. It can tolerate crowding and high population, this can lead to increased yield. It can also do well in the southern rain forest in Nigeria and the southern and northern guinea savannah.

Product Features

  • Yellow Maize Hybrid
  • 5-6 Tons/ha yield potential
  • Early Maturing (90 days)
  • Pro Vit A variety
  • Short crop plant allowing increased population for higher yield.
  • Widely adapted and resistant to most lowland disease
  • Suited to most weather conditions.
Maize Hybrid Seeds Variety (SC 510) -2kg

Original price was: ₦7,000.Current price is: ₦6,000.

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Seedco Maize Hybrid Seeds (SC 510) is a high-yielding, early-maturing hybrid seed specifically designed for success. Packed with essential nutrients and boasting impressive disease resistance, Seedco 510 empowers farmers across Nigeria to achieve a bountiful harvest.

Key Features of Seedco Maize Hybrid Seeds (SC 510):

  • Early Maturation: Get ready to harvest your golden maize cobs in just 90 days, allowing for multiple plantings within a single season and increased profitability.
  • Exceptional Yield Potential: Seedco 510 boasts a yield potential of up to 5-6 tonnes per hectare under optimal conditions. This translates to significant gains for your agricultural business.
  • Pro-Vitamin A Enrichment: These enriched seeds contribute valuable Vitamin A to your maize crop, enhancing its nutritional value and marketability.
  • Wide Regional Adaptation: Seedco 510 thrives in diverse Nigerian environments, performing well in the southern rainforests, northern and southern Guinea savannahs, and at altitudes ranging from 1,100 to 1,300 meters.
  • Dense Planting Tolerance: Achieve higher yields by planting up to 60,000 seeds per hectare. Seedco 510 can handle denser populations without sacrificing quality.
  • Excellent Stay Green: Experience extended green foliage, leading to improved photosynthesis and potentially higher grain yields.
  • Disease Resistance: Seedco 510 demonstrates good tolerance to common foliar diseases, minimizing crop loss and reducing reliance on harsh chemicals.
  • Moderate Maize Streak Virus (MSV) Tolerance: While seed treatment is recommended for off-season green maize production, Seedco 510 offers moderate resistance to MSV, a prevalent threat to maize crops.
  • Intermediate, Semi-Flint Grain Size: This desirable size makes Seedco 510 suitable for various applications, from human consumption to livestock feed.
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency: Seedco 510 efficiently utilizes nitrogen from the soil, maximizing nutrient uptake and potentially reducing fertilizer requirements.

Benefits of Choosing Seedco 510 Maize Hybrid Seeds:

  • Increased Profits: Achieve higher yields and potentially multiple harvests per season, leading to significant financial gains.
  • Enhanced Nutritional Value: Provide consumers with maize rich in Vitamin A, a vital nutrient for maintaining good health.
  • Reduced Risk & Improved Crop Management: Disease resistance translates to less crop loss and a potentially lower reliance on chemical treatments.
  • Versatility for Diverse Uses: The intermediate, semi-flint grain size caters to various needs, from human consumption to animal feed production.
  • Resource Efficiency: Utilize nitrogen effectively for optimal growth, potentially reducing fertilizer costs.
  • Adaptability for Widespread Success: Thrive in a range of Nigerian environments, making Seedco 510 a reliable choice for many farmers.

Who Should Choose Seedco 510 Maize Hybrid Seeds?

Seedco 510 caters to a wide range of farmers in Nigeria, including:

  • Small-scale farmers: Seeking high yields and early maturity for a faster return on investment.
  • Commercial farmers: Aiming to maximize production and profitability with a reliable hybrid seed.
  • Farmers in diverse regions: Due to its wide regional adaptation, Seedco 510 is suitable for various Nigerian environments.
  • Farmers prioritizing nutrition: The pro-Vitamin A enrichment makes Seedco 510 a valuable choice for health-conscious consumers.

Planting and Care Tips for Seedco 510 Maize Hybrid Seeds:

  • Soil Preparation: Ensure your soil is well-drained, fertile, and has a slightly acidic pH level (between 5.5 and 6.5).
  • Planting Time: The ideal planting window typically falls within the early rainy season for your region.
  • Planting Depth: Plant seeds at a depth of approximately 2-3 cm.
  • Spacing: Maintain a recommended spacing of 75 cm between rows and 20 cm between plants within each row. This can be adjusted based on your desired planting density.
  • Seeding Rate: The recommended seeding rate for Seedco 510 is approximately 53,333 seeds per hectare.
  • Fertilization: Conduct a soil test to determine specific fertilizer requirements for your land. Seedco 510’s nitrogen use efficiency can potentially reduce fertilizer needs.
  • Weed Control: Implement a proper weed control strategy to ensure your maize crop receives the necessary nutrients and sunlight.
  • Irrigation: Provide supplemental irrigation during dry periods, especially during critical growth stages, to maximize yield potential.

Investing in Seedco 510 Maize Hybrid Seeds: A Smart Choice for Your Farm.

Hybrid Maize Cultivation Guide (1 Hectare)

Below is the protocol or plan to be used in the cultivation of hybrid maize. Please note that the fertilization application rate can be amended to fit your soil profile. The pesticide application rate can also vary.

  • 10 days before land preparation, spray a mixture of 4 liters of Glyphosate and 4 sachets of Emamectin benzoate per hectare. Wait for 10 days.
  • 2 weeks before planting, do land tillage with Plough and Harrow twice or ridge depending on land condition.
  • Wait for 2 weeks to allow for weed regrowth for good effect of the pre-emergence herbicides at planting time.
  • At this stage, you can add rice husks, manure, or any soil amendment materials to your soil to increase the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
  • At planting, plant seeds at 75cm (inter-row spacing) by 20cm (intra-row spacing) (66,000 plants/ha), 75cm by 25cm (53,000 plants/ha)
  • Apply 15 bags of NPK 15:15:15 or 11 bags of NPK 20:10:10 (220 kg N / ha) or 12 bags of NPK 15:15:15 or 9 bags of 20:10:10 (180 kg N / ha).
  • Spray a mixture of 4 liters of paraquat, 4 liters of atrazine, and 4 sachets of emamectin benzoate not later than the next day of planting.
  • Please agrochemicals should not be sprayed in the hot afternoon for effectiveness.
  • The seed should be planted at a depth of 5cm along the row while the fertilizer should be placed 5cm beside each planted seed and 5cm deeper than the seed depth.
  • 1 week after planting, gap filling should be done for a few missing spots to ensure the right plant population and weed control is done after planting should be confirmed if it was effective, and areas showing weed growth should be reported at the observation.
  • 2 weeks after planting, spray 4 sachets of Emamectin benzoate per hectare for prevention and/or control of armyworms or insect attack.
  • 4 weeks after planting, first urea application of 2.5 bags for (220 kg N/ha) or 2 bags for (180 kg N/ha).
  • Ensure fertilizer is buried beside the plants to prevent wastage.
  • Spray 4 sachets of emamectin benzoate per hectare for any deposited eggs and to prevent resistance by the armyworms.
  • 6 weeks after planting, the second urea application: 2.5 bags for (220 kg N / ha) or 2 bags for (180 kg N / ha).
  • Spray 4 liters of Lambdacyalothrin per hectare for any visible armyworms.
  • All urea applications should be applied from 4 weeks after planting for large acreages without splitting to maximize cost.
  • 8 weeks after planting, post-emergence application: Spray 4 liters of paraquat per hectare, for proper weed control; this can be done before 8 weeks depending on the severity of weeds present.
  • Ensure that there are no weeds in the field before fertilizer application.
  • Potassium Humate is advised to be mixed to all fertilizers before application. All fertilizers must be buried during application.
  • Also, note that Lagon herbicide has been the best type of herbicide used for maize farming in Nigeria.
  • All agrochemicals mentioned above are active ingredients that can be obtained in different trade names.
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