Fabiola F1 Cabbage Seeds (Royal Seed Brand)
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Fabiola F1 Cabbage Seeds (Royal Seed Brand)


The Fabiola F1 cabbage is an excellent hybrid cabbage with superior qualities from Royal seed company. It is a semi flat head shape with excellent wrapper leaves. Heat tolerant with a field holding capacity of 21 days.

Product Features:

  • Maturity time: 75 – 80 days from transplanting
  • Head weight: 5 kgs
  • Yield potential: 60 tonnes per acre
  • Heat shape: Semi flat with excellent wrapper leaves
  • Resistances / Tolerances: Ring spot and Good Black Rot
  • Package Size: 25g.
Fabiola F1 Cabbage Seeds


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Fabiola F1 Cabbage Seeds (Royal Seed Brand)

Fabiola Cabbage Seeds is an excellent hybrid cabbage with superior qualities from the Royal Seed Company. The Cabbage is a cool-weather crop, with a semi-flat head shape with excellent wrapper leaves.

Characteristics of Fabiola F1 Cabbage (Royal Seed Brand)

  • Heat tolerant with a field holding capacity of 21 days
  • Superior field holding capacity
  • Matures 75 – 80 days from transplanting
  • Head weight 5 kgs
  • Yield potential 60 tonnes per acre
  • Semi-flat head shape with excellent wrapper leaves
  • Resistances/tolerances to ringspot and good black rot

Benefits of Cabbage

  • Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Help reduce inflammation.
  • Keeps the digestive system healthy and regular bowel movements.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Keep blood pressure within a healthy range.
  • Excellent source of vitamin K1, which is critical for blood clotting.
  • It is a versatile veggie that’s easy to incorporate into your diet.

Steps in Growing Cabbage to Harvesting

Cabbage is a heavy feeder; it quickly depletes the soil of required nutrients. Prepare the soil in advance by mixing in aged manure and/or compost.

Soil should be well-draining: roots that stand in water cause heads to split or rot.

  • Transplant small plants outdoors on a cloudy afternoon
  • Plant seedlings 12 to 24 inches apart in rows, depending on the size of the head desired. The closer you plant, the smaller the cabbage heads
  • When seedlings reach about 5 inches tall, thin to leave the desired space between them. If you wish, transplant the thinned seedlings elsewhere.
  • Mulch thickly around the area to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.
  • Water 2 inches per square foot per week.
  • The optimum soil temperature for growth is 60 to 65° F. Young plants exposed to temperatures below 45°F for a period of time may bolt or form loose heads.
  • Cover plants if cold weather is expected.
  • Fertilize 2 weeks after transplanting with a balanced fertilizer.
  • Three weeks later, add a nitrogen-rich fertilizer; cabbage needs nitrogen in the early stages.
  • Harvest when heads reach the desired size and are firm. Mature heads left on the stem may split.
  • Days to maturity are around 70 to 85 days for most green cabbage varieties and most produce 1- to 3-pound heads.


To harvest, cut each cabbage head at its base with a sharp knife. Remove any yellow leaves (retain loose green leaves; they provide protection in storage) and immediately bring the head indoors or place it in the shade.

To get two crops, cut the cabbage head out of the plant, leaving the outer leaves and roots in the garden. The plant will send up new heads.

After harvesting, remove the entire stem and root system from the soil to prevent disease. Only compost healthy plants; destroy any with maggot infestation.

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