Guardian Xtra Fungicide

Guardian Xtra Fungicide


Guardian xtra which is very broad spectrum and effective fungicide from the stable of rainbow chemicals used in the prevention and control of a variety of fungal infections. it is used both as curative and preventive for control of fungal infections in field crops and vegetables.

It is suitable for use in a variety of vegetables and field crops such as onions , tomatoes , beans , citrus , pineapple as well as  cabbage .

product features:

  • net content : 100gram
  • active ingredient : carbendazium 80% wg
  • formulation: water dispersible granule.
  • target infections : blue mould , botrytis , sclerotinia.

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Guardian xtra
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 Guardian xtra

Guardian Xtra, is a systemic agricultural fungicide used primarily to combat a variety of fungal infections. The commodity whose active ingredient is carbendazim known for its effective and rapid action is a multi-purpose, defensive, touch and residual fungicide intended for the effective control and prevention of diseases in field crops, fruits, and vegetables such as blue mold, botrytis, sclerotinia etc.

 Active ingredients :

The active ingredient in guardian xtra is carbendazim, a well-proven ingredient in the control of fungal infections.

Benefits and advantages of using Guardian Extra:

  • Guardian extra is a rapid and effective action against fungal infections.
  • Guardian extra is safe to use.
  • It is compatible with most agrichemicals
  • Usage of guardian extra fungicide is not harmful to crops

 Mode of action :

It is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. It is taken and translocated within the plant as a result of which the latter becomes fungi toxic.

When applied to the roots, the active ingredient passes Inter cellularly into the xylem vessels & it is swept along by the sap stream towards the foliage. When applied to the foliage the fungicide gets into the xylem and spreads to the distal parts of the leaf but not in the opposite direction towards the roots.

It mainly acts by inhibiting the development of germ tubes, the formation of appressoria, and the growth of mycelia.


  • To optimize the effectiveness of fungicides, application, and timing are critical. Adhere to the mark strictly and comply with the required method of timing and implementation.
  • Numerous pesticides are licensed for use by crop farmers and it should be noted that for any reason other than the intent specified on the approved label, a fungicide can not be legally used.
  • It shouldn’t be mixed with alkaline materials.
  • Proper sanitation should be observed while in use and out of use.
  • Specific safety measures should also be taken particularly when transporting fungicides, mixing them, and applying them.

100 gram, Carton

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