Lovol R1804 Tractor (180 HP)
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Lovol R1804 Tractor (180 HP)


Lovol R1804 Tractor (180 HP) is very suitable for medium and large farms that has the characteristics of comfortable driving, high efficiency, economical and energy-saving, reliable performance, etc. It brings you a new experience of high efficiency, multi-function, lasting power and comfortable operation.

Product Features

  • Model: Shangchai 7H
  • Horsepower (HP): 180
  • length*width* height (mm): 5300×3400×3150
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2727
  • Tire size: 16.9-28/20.8-38(Double rear tires)
180Hp Lovol Tractor


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Lovol R1804 Tractor (180 HP) its very suitable for medium and large farms. Lovol R1804 Tractor adapts 16+16 synchronizer to shift gears. R series tractor has the chracteristics of comfortable driving, high efficiency, economical and energy saving, reliable performance, etc. It brings you a new experience of high efficiency, multi function, lasting power and comfortable operation.

Supporting Implements

It can be equipped with large machines such as subsoilers, hydraulic flip plough, combined soil preparation machines, etc., and is generally suitable for farmland ploughing, planting, subsoiling, and transportation operations.


  • LOVOL TR1804 tractor, designed and manufactured by the European technology team, is a product for dry fields and multi-functional applications.
  • Using the engine satisfies the Euro Ⅱ emission standards, torque reserve coefficient ≥ 30%, traction force up to 35 KN; Synchronizer 16F+16R gear, easy to shift; Body appearance upgrade, high handling comfort.
  • Using LUK clutch, the United States Actuate instrument, strengthen front axle and chassis; Key parts and components are purchased from all over the world. High product reliability. Various tires are available; optional internal and external air filters; top exhaust; optional cut-off air brake; Adopt rotational moulding 50L oil tank.
  • Standard with four groups hydraulic output; Using Category Ⅲ suspension Optional Ⅱ; Double cylinders high-pressure lifter, maximum lifting force up to 45KN; Optional 6 /8 /21 splines switch PTO output spline shaft, PTO rotation speed 540/720/850/1000 optional, swing traction, can be equipped with a variety of agricultural implements, to meet the needs of different operations.
  • OECD authentication ROPS


ITEM                                  UNIT                                  PARAMETER

Model                                     /                                            Shangchai 7H
Horsepower                         HP                                         180
Displacement                       L                                             6.5
Torque                                   NM                                        ≥755

Gearshift                               /                                             16+16
Technical route                   /                                             Synchronizer shift
Speed Range                        km/h                                     3.72-33.42
PTO speed                            r/min                                     540/1000

length*width* height         mm                                        5300×3400×3150
Wheelbase                            mm                                        2727
Ground clearance                mm                                       450
Turning radius                     m                                           5.3±0.3
Minimum use quality         kg                                           7950(Double rear tires)
Tire size                                 /                                             16.9-28/20.8-38(Double rear tires)

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