Mccormick Tractors -75 & 85 HorsePower

Mccormick Tractors -75 & 85 HorsePower


A whole new level of reliability and functionality Introduced as a restyled version of the highly successful MB Series, the B-MAX T2 tractor range from McCormick, features a fresh new look along with enhanced ergonomics. The new tractor family comes in both two- and four-wheel drive versions and is offered at a very attractive entry level price. Entirely manufactured in Italy by Argo Tractors, the new B-MAX T2 range delivers excellent performance combined with high reliability and functionality. Two models in the range are all powered by Perkins 1104 series four-cylinder engines that deliver high torque backup and quiet, eco-friendly performance while ensuring excellent fuel economy. The B-MAX 75 and 85 models are powered by engines meeting Tier 2 emissions regulations.

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Mccormick Tractors is the new B-Max Series T0-T3 tractor family from McCormick has been designed to replace the old one series. Supplied in both two- and four-wheel drive versions, this low-cost tractor combines a simple design with excellent performance and functionality. Six models in the range are all powered by Perkins 1104 series four-cylinder engines that deliver high torque backup and quiet, eco-friendly performance while ensuring excellent fuel economy. The B-Max  B90B, B100B and B110B models feature Tier 0 engines, while the  B90, B100 and B110 models are powered by engines meeting Tier 3 emissions regulations.


Tractors seat

Ample and comfortable driver’s seat

The driving position features a sprung seat and an adjustable steering wheel for enhanced operator comfort. The controls are ergonomically arranged on the driver’s sides for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The gearshift lever on the right-hand side and the range lever on the left-hand side are easy to reach, while the shuttle lever adjacent to the steering wheel enables quick shifting from forward to reverse.The two-post ROPS can be optionally equipped with a sun canopy.

Features of modern tractors in farming and agriculture

  • Ease of Operation and Transmission:

    Modern models have automated transmission systems i.e  powershift transmission and hydrostatic transmission that makes operation a lot easier and smoother. Their steering has been worked upon to make turning very easy and smooth.  This new models decreasing fatigue through automatic responsive transmission and exclusive shift control. These new features ensure you are as safe as possible when operating the tractor.

  • Versatility:

  • Though available in a wide range of models, modern tractors are designed and manufactured to offer versatility in performing a wide range of tasks. Compact tractors can accomplish tasks ranging from gardening to simple farming jobs, with the ability to do more by attaching various implements such as front loaders used in construction or back hoes.

Power and durability:

They are designed with powerful engines to run over rough terrain and pull extremely heavy loads, making them effective in tough farming or landscape tasks. Modern tractors also come with cast iron front axles for extra strength and durability.


Some advantages of using a tractor include: they Can pull heavy loads,  they are also  built to last many years, and are able to withstand harsh conditions. Tractors Makes farming, planting, seeding, tilling, fertilizing, and harvesting much easier and efficient .


Length Without Ballast (mm) 3810 3810
Height at Steering Wheel (mm) 1720 1720
Height Over Bonnet (mm) 1454 1488
Height Over Safety Frame (mm) 2590 2590
Maximum Ground Clearance (mm) 430 430
Weight Without Ballast 4WD (kg) 3147 3147

B-MAX 75 | 85

    Direct Injection Perkins Diesel Engine 1104C-44 1104C-44
     Rated Power (ISO) kW 55 60
     Rated Speed (rpm) 2200 2200
     Max. Torque (Nm) 290 294
    Max. Torque Speed (rpm) 1400 1400
     Bore/Stroke 105/127 105/127
     Displacement/No of Cylinders (cm³) 4400/4 4400/4
     Water Cooling STD STD
      Air Filter STD STD
     Tank Capacity (lt) 86 86
    Independent Dual Dry Clutch (inch) 12 12
     Coating Cerametalic Cerametalic
     Mechanical Engagement STD STD
   Basic Gearbox + Reverse Shuttle 12Fwd + 12Rev STD STD
     Rear Mechanical Diff. Lock STD STD
     Mechanical Engagement STD STD
    2 Speeds 540/1000 (rpm) STD STD
    1” 3/8 PTO Shaft with 6 Splines STD STD
     Synchronised with Gearbox STD STD
     Double-Action Direction Ram Cylinder STD STD
     Epicyclic Final Drives STD STD
    Mechanical 4WD Engagement STD STD
     Max. Steering Angle 55° STD STD
     Mechanical STD STD
    Oil-bath Graphite Coated Rear Brakes – 10 Discs STD STD
     Mechanical Operated STD STD
    Position, Draft, Intermix & Floating Control Functions STD STD
     Standard Lifting Capacity 2700 2700
    Max Operating Pressure (bar) 180 180
     Hydraulic Pump Delivery (ltr/min) 53 53
    3-Point Linkage, CAT II STD STD
      Auxiliary Hydraulic Valves 2 2
    Total Length without Ballast (mm) 3810 3810
     Max. Ground Clearance (mm) 430 430
    Wheelbase 2WD/4WD (mm) 2340/2316 2340/2316
    Height at Steering Wheel (mm) 1720 1720
     Height Over Bonnet (mm) 1454 1488
      Min. Width (mm) 1870 1870
     Height to Safety Frame (mm) 2590 2590
Min. Turning Radius without Brakes 4WD (mm) 4100 4100
Min. Turning Radius with Brakes 4WD (mm) 3600 3600
     Front Track Adjustment 4WD (mm) # 1352-1856 1500-2048
     Rear Track Adjustment (mm) # 1400-2000 1400-2000
     Front Tyres               2WD 7.50-16 9.00-16
     Front Tyres               4WD 320/70R24 12.4R24
     Rear Tyres                4WD 16.9R30 18.4R30
    Weight without Ballast 4WD (kg) 3147 3147
Front Ballast Weights 36kg each 6 x 36 8 x 36
Rear Ballast Weights 60kg each 2 x 60 4 x 60

75HP, 85HP

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