Motorized Knapsack Sprayer – 20l
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Motorized Knapsack Sprayer – 20l

Original price was: ₦250,000.Current price is: ₦245,000.

Product Specs

    • Engine: 3HP 2 Stroke Engine
    • Displacement: 63.3 cc
    • MPA: 1.0 – 2.5
    • Chemical tank: 3.7 gal
    • Fuel capacity: 1.1 qt
    • Horizontal Reach: 30ft
    • Vertical Reach: 10+ft
    • Coverage by ft²: 75 ft² per fluid oz
    • Coverage by Acre: 1.5 tanks per acre
    • Flow: .2 – .5 GPM
    • Air Speed: 220 MPH
    • Air Volume: 490 CFM
    • Droplet Size: Adjustable from 50-100 microns
    • Start Type: Recoil Cord
    • Fan Rotation Speed: 7300 RPM
    • Weight: 35 lbs
    • Dimensions: 21x17x26 in
    • Recommended Fuel: 50:1 Pre-Mix (Not Included)

Original price was: ₦250,000.Current price is: ₦245,000.

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Motorized Knapsack Sprayer – 20l



This backpack gasoline power sprayer is deliberately designed to make spray jobs more efficient and more convenient. Therefore, the motorized sprayer enables the farmer to apply chemicals with relative ease as its usage excludes the usually stressful manual pumping action.

They are your best solution for fighting annoying mosquitoes. Great for year-round use, this mist blower is perfect for applying pesticides in the spring and summer, and an excellent leaf-blowing solution in the Autumn and Winter. The 3-In-One Backpack Duster and Leaf Blower are perfect for applying pesticides for pest and parasite control around residential and commercial areas.

The machine works with high pressure to spray out the powder or liquid in mists. It is generally used in plant protection treatment for vegetables, rice, sugarcane, fruit trees, coffee trees, etc. It is also very good to be used for public sanitation and disinfection because of its good movability.

Functions Motorized Knapsack Sprayer

  • It is commonly used for the control weeds that can harbour insects by use of herbicides
  • To control insect pests that can cause diseases by the use of insecticides as well as pesticides.
  • For the application of micronutrients on the plants, boron e.g. as well as foliar fertilizers.


  • This machine adopts a gear structure to decrease speed, so it is very durable.
  • The structure is simple and compact, so it is easy to maintain.
  • It can also be used as a leaf blower.
  • This machine has high pressure, big flow, and good efficiency, so the protective effect is very obvious.
  • The main spraying parts are three nozzles, so the spraying range is wide.
  • It is highly efficient and energy-saving, with stable performance and great safety.

Safety precautions of knapsack sprayer

  • Always wear eye protection, gloves, a long-sleeve shirt, and long-leg pants when handling chemicals, and take your time when mixing.
  • Triple-rinse empty pesticide containers and do not reuse them; dispose of empty containers properly after rinsing.


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